Since Taylor Swift announced she was re-releasing her album Red with new lyrics and a short film, fans had been joking that Jake Gyllenhaal might want to stay offline the weekend it came out. Well, after what transpired at a Taylor Swift-themed night post-Red release weekend, he might want to stay clear from having a drunken night out in Los Angeles, too.

On Friday night local time, LA club the Vermont Hollywood hosted a Taylor Swift night in tribute to the release of Taylor’s version of Red. In a TikTok taken from the event, it seemed like pure Swiftie joy with fans dancing to Taylor’s tracks and throwing some palm tree levels of shade at Mr. Gyllenhaal.

When Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” came on, a giant screen above the crowd started playing a montage of the Spider-Man: Homecoming actor crying and tragically reacting to news told to him over the phone.

News, like IDK, that your ex-girlfriend from ten years ago has allegedly nearly ended your career again? Supposedly, the montage at the club was jokingly depicting the moment Gyllenhaal reacted to the new lyrics in the album, which many believe is about him and Taylor’s reportedly not great relationship.

Fans wildly cheered and partied on as the screen then cut to a photo of the iconic pink page from the burn book in Mean Girls, only with Jake’s face.

“This man is the nastiest skank bitch I’ve ever met,” the projector read. “DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN. He is a fugly slut!”


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SCREAMING. People really said, fuck it, “the feminine urge to absolutely obliterate Jake Gyllenhaal’s career” this weekend and I’m living for it.

Over in the comments, people are divided by this. Some say that it’s “really not even about Taylor still being pressed anymore,” but about how we all have been mistreated in past relationships. Others have started to feel bad that the “world is straight [up] bullying this man right now”.

A personal fave theory of mine that’s probably likely? Dylan O’Brien was definitely there screaming these songs at the top of his fkn lungs. Given that people claim he said he didn’t shower for a month to prepare for the role of Him in the “All Too Well” short film, that would checks out.

I think it’s worth noting that the internet’s reaction to Red (Taylor’s Version) and Swift’s relationship with Gyllenhaal says a lot about how we view celebrity couples as a whole. Thanks to celebrity culture, there’s an expectation that we have a right to know about and comment on our favourite artists’ personal lives.

Then again, I think people are personally more invested here because they’ve probably also experienced something similar to what Taylor sings about on this album: dating while young and inexperienced, feeling rejected and unloved due to miscommunication and idealised views of romance.

Anyway, later that night, the DJ put on “Style” while clips of Harry Styles smiling and performing played on screen.


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♬ original sound – ????

After Taylor Swift released her short film starring Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien, fans theorised they know who the “some actress” is in “All Too Well”.

Image: Getty Images [Dimitrios Kambouris] / TikTok [@_toxicnoodle]