How Many Taylor Swift Tickets Are *Actually* Available In Ticketek’s Eras Tour Second Release?

Today is the day, my friends. It’s our last chance to nab tickets to Taylor Swift’s Australian Eras Tour. Well, without going through the re-sale site. 

Ticketek announced the good news on Thursday morning, prompting hoards of Swifties who missed out on the original batch of ticket sales to get ready for battle against the blue line on the Ticketek loading screen. The thing is, in the announcement, Ticketek said that there would be “limited tickets including partially-obstructed side view tickets” available.

Considering how bloody difficult it was to get tix last time due to the high demand — and how many people ended up missing out — fans are wondering how many tickets are actually going to be available and what their chances of basking in Taylor’s glory IRL really are.

We reached out to Frontier Touring — the company responsible for ticket allocation — but sadly a representative said that they were unable to share the exact numbers.

So, let’s have a big think about what we’re in for.

Accor Stadium in Sydney seats a maximum of 83,500 people and the MCG in Melbourne seats 100,024. Taylor is performing seven shows during her time Down Under, three in Melbourne and four in Sydney.

It’s unlikely that they’re selling that many tix for the shows but judging by the maps below, it seems like most of the ticket allocation was already gobbled up in the previous sales back in June.

This time around, we only have a teeny-tiny slice of the pie, as shown in the the stadium maps below.

For Accor Stadium, it’s C Reserve View (orange), F Reserve Side View (olive green) and G Reserve Side View (warm yellow).

(Image source: Accor Stadium)

At the MCG, there are four partially obstructed sections: D Reserve Side View (pastel blue), E Reserve Side View (pastel purple), F Reserve Side View Particularly Obstructed (pastel green) and G Reserve Side view (lime green).

(Image Source: MCG)

So, using my guessing abilities and my terrible math skills, I reckon we’re all going to be clambering over a few thousand tickets so godspeed and good luck to all of my Swiftie pals.

May the odds be ever in your favour.