Chris Brown appears to have missed the memo that most of us would prefer for him *NOT* to bring his One Hell Of A Nite tour Down Under.

No, really. Thanks all the same.

Ticketek And Chris Brown Miss Memo, Continue To Spruik His Aussie Tour

Despite receiving an official Notice of Intention to Consider Refusal of his visa yesterday, the singer still has every intention of touring Australia in December, posting the following statement to Instagram:

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Ticketek Australia posted the same statement to their Facebook page, using it as means to conveniently promote ticket sales:

Tickets on sale now at 12 pm local time for Chris Brown One Hell Of A Nite Tour.Statement from Chris Brown and his…

Posted by Ticketek Australia on Sunday, 27 September 2015


It gets worse: despite beating Rihanna to a pulp in 2009 the high likelihood of Brown’s denied entry to Australia due to his domestic violence rap-sheet, people are still buying tickets… just in case he gets the green light.

Ticketek And Chris Brown Miss Memo, Continue To Spruik His Aussie Tour

So he hasn’t *technically* been barred from entering the country – yet. He’s got 28 days to make his case, after which the Department of Immigration will lay down their verdict.

Peter Dutton’s remaining silent, but GetUp! – who started the campaign to stop Chris Brown touring – are not.

“This campaign has nothing to do with pop music, but everything to do with how seriously we take men’s violence against women,” they tweeted. “It’s horrifying just how many men who have convictions of violence against women still enjoy a career in the entertainment industry.”

Image: Prince Williams via Getty Images.