Swifties Rage Over Frontier Touring’s List Of What You Can’t Bring For Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Aussie Swifties are raging after Frontier Touring dropped the “what you can and can’t bring” list for Taylor Swift‘s highly-anticipated Eras Tour.

It’s only a couple of weeks until Sydney and Melbourne witness the return of Grammy-winning artist, Taylor Swift, and her ‘yuge Eras Tour concert. In preparation for the sold-out gigs, Frontier Touring has dropped a shit tonne of info for those who were lucky enough to nab a ticket.

The informative Instagram dump included the time of when gates open, which bags (haha not that kind, silly) you can bring and all the stuff that is and isn’t allowed at the concert.

However, the post has seen a mixed bag of reactions. Mostly surrounding the list of what you can and can’t bring into the Eras Tour.

Some folks took aim at the rules surrounding friendship bracelets. You see, Frontier Touring has allowed the bracelets but it stated that bracelets “must be worn”, which might be difficult for fans who have made an arm’s worth of Tay Tay kandi.

They also said “carabiners or d-rings” were not allowed, so people who made a shit tonne will be forced to wear it or they could have it in their v. small bags.

(Image source: Getty Images / Buda Mendes )

However, the “what you can’t bring” slide truly riled up Swifties.

The list started with the usual stuff like large signs, large electronic devices, audio recording devices, costumes that may impede the view of those around you etc.

But further down the list, battery packs were mentioned in the list of do not bring, sparking outrage in the comment section.

(Image source: Instagram / @frontiertouring)

“Why can’t we bring a battery pack? Might need to charge our phones after such a long show, seems a bit like a safety issue to me if we can’t and they go flat late at night,” one Swiftie wrote.

“No portable chargers what?!!?!? That seems like a safety issue. How do we communicate with people picking us up if our phones die,” wrote a second fan.

“Bestie if you think I ain’t bringing my portable charger you’re laughing,” wrote a third.

Speaking to PEDESTRIAN.TV, Taylor Swift fan Michelle Joseph noted a number of concerns she had with the rule, including safety and accessibility concerns.

“As a Swiftie with a disability attending a major event like this is challenging enough without the added concerns of running out of battery on my phone,” she said.

“I’m genuinely concerned for the young fans attending these shows who need to be able to communicate with friends and parents about their location and safe transport home.

“The people most affected by this decision are some of the most vulnerable: young girls and people with accessibility needs.”

Swifties were so riled up that one person began a Change.org petition calling for Sydney’s Accor Stadium to allow battery packs.

(Image source: Change.org)

Frontier Touring Responds To The Swiftie Battery Pack Outrage

PEDESTRIAN.TV can confirm that battery packs — such as personal phone chargers — are permitted at the Eras Tour and that it was referring to commercial-sized chargers. Like, huuuuuuge ones.

“The battery pack refers to commercial-sized battery chargers. Personal phone chargers smaller than the size of a phone will be permitted.  We’re updating the FAQs to clarify for fans at the moment,” a spokesperson for Frontier Touring told PTV.

There ya have it folks! You can bring your portable charges, just as long as they’re smaller than the size of a phone.

Look, with the Eras Tour reportedly running more than three hours, it would surprise me if there was a flat-out ban on porty’s for the Eras Tour.

Portable chargers have almost become a necessity for some folks nowadays, and again, it’s reportedly a three-hour concert!!! And that’s not counting all the time waiting, lining up and aftermath of Swift Mania.

No portable charges = ANARCHY.

At least you now can prepare for the Eras Tour knowing you can bring one.

The real question is: Are you ready for it? (I’m not because I’m scrambling for tickets, thanks).

Image source: Getty Images / Kevin Winter