Smirnoff Ice Released A ‘Lavender Lemonade’ Just In Time For Taylor Swift’s Aussie Eras Tour

As Australia gears up for Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour, one of the country’s most beloved bevvies — the good ol’ Smirnoff Ice — has released a new limited edition drink to honour the arrival of the Grammy-winning pop star.

Yep, that’s right. Swift’s impact on pop culture is so fucking huge that one of the biggest drinks has decided to create a special drink to hype up adult Swifties ahead of her arrival in Sydney and Melbourne.

Smirnoff Ice has revealed that it’s entering a “new era” by dropping its new Smirnoff Ice Lavender Lemonade. Talk about a new reputation, amirite?

Smirnoff Ice (Taylor’s Version) / (Image source: Supplied)

The limited-edition premixed bevvy will have that refreshing citrus flavour that most Aussies know and love, however, it’ll have a small hint of lavender, leaving punters with a light floral taste that’ll match perfectly with the citrus twang.

Also, the drink itself has a “Lavender Haze”.

AGAIN: Just repeating, this is an alcoholic beverage — 4.5% ABV to be specific — so this drink is for adults only!

Maddy Stockwell, Sminoff’s Marketing Manager, says the company is “leaning into [its] lavender era” in hopes of “creating a new taste that sparks excitement”.

“With the colour purple having its moment, we’re leaning into our lavender era with the launch of Smirnoff Lavender Lemonade, creating a new taste that sparks excitement,” she said.

“Smirnoff lives and breathes music, so when we saw the line-up of incredible musicians and artists making their way to Aussie stages this year, we knew we had to get ready for it.”

The grog will be available nationwide — including Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores — from February 13 and it will set you back $21.99 for a four-pack.

That being said, please do not force Taylor Swift to do a shoey at Accor Stadium.

But if she does, I wonder if it would be with a TN and this Smirnoff Ice Lavender Lemonade bevvie…