Harry Styles Is The Latest International Celeb To Be Victimised By Our Nasty Shoey Tradition

harry styles shoey Perth

Harry Styles has become the latest celebrity to be victimised by Australia’s insistence that anyone who performs here does a shoey — arguably one of the worst fkn trends this country has made up.

Styles performed in Perth last night and, to both the dismay and excitement of fans in the crowd, he took of his shoe and poured some fkn water into it. So it’s literally just diluted foot sweat in there.

“This is one of the most disgusting traditions I’ve ever heard of,” he said on stage before tipping the nasty shoe juice down his gob.

AND THEN HE PUT THE SHOE BACK ON. Leaving his socks sopping and stinky in his shoe. I can’t.

The crowd erupted and honestly, they better fkn cheer after what this man sacrificed. I’m not even much of a Harry fan but I recognise a trooper when I see one.

This is why I could never be famous.

There is not a force on this earth that could convince me to do a shoey.

Sorry if that’s UnAuStRaLiAn or whatever you gronks want to call it, but the only way I could ever see myself even vaguely okay with this trend would be if I carried around a fresh, never-before-worn shoe specifically for this, which I would chuck out immediately after.

And even then, I’d rather people just boo at me while I leave, as Harry did when he refused to do a shoey in 2018.

International Harry Styles fans have let their shock and disgust at the shoey be known online, so I’m glad someone agrees this trend needs to be binned.

Others thought it was hot. I’m not at all surprised but like… this couldn’t be me.

Harry fans, you need to be STOPPED.