Doctors Warn You Might Cop Gastro From Doing Rank Shoeys So Put Yr Fkn Boots Back On Please

shoey gastro doctor warning

If you’re not yet swayed by the pure grossness of shoeys as a means to stop fkn doing them, maybe this will do it: doctors have warned that partaking in that particular podiatry practice could wind up giving you gastro. Extremely not what you want after a night out on the froths.

After Harry Styles necked a bev from his own (very expensive) kicks in Perth, medical professionals have been worried that punters could come down with a bad case of the runny bum trying to copy their fave singer.

Dr Vincent Ho — Western Sydney University’s clinical academic gastroenterologist — told the Herald Sun that although the shoey is super popular at the moment, it’s not the safest (or most hygienic) way to neck a beer.

“There is potential risk of infection and getting gastroenteritis,” he said.

“I know this is meant to be a fun act and it’s become a very Australian act, too. It’s iconic. I understand that. But I’m speaking as a clinician and from a health perspective.”


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Dr Ho’s claims about shoey-related gastro aren’t unfounded, either. He actually did research into how different alcohol helps or hinders the funky bacteria living in our shoes.

The ABC worked with Dr Ho way back in 2018 to get to the science behind the shoey and examined a variety of shoes and booze to see how putrid it all really is.

His research found that the alcohol levels in most drinks dampen or neutralise the bacteria present — except for sparkling wine like champagne, which actually just encouraged more bacteria to grow thanks to its sugar, yeast and fermentation process.

So if you’re considering ripping your boot off for a sip, maybe think about the fact you might wind up with a case of extremely fucked guts. Especially if all you’re drinking is a little bit of bubbly.