The Bride Whose Mate Ditched Her Wedding For Taylor Swift Has Shared A Sad Update On The Drama


The bride whose BFF — and bridesmaid — ditched her wedding to attend Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour has spoken out about their very public fall out and honestly, someone give this poor girl a hug.

Two weeks ago a woman named Olivia told The Fox’s Fifi, Fev & Nick that she got tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, despite the fact that it clashed with her friend Jessica‘s wedding — and the two had an emotional fight that was brutal to witness.

Since then, Jess has revealed that Liv has been cut from her bridal party and the wedding as a whole — and fair enough, honestly.

“I was pretty mortified that she chose to do it on live air, and also pretty angry,” Jess told Fifi, Fev and Nick on Monday of their initial conversation.

“I did speak [to her] after the show, and I told her she was cut from the wedding, she’s shown her true colours. If she wants to go to the concert, she can go to the concert.”

Jess said the two fought afterwards, and claimed Liv “didn’t even try” to sell her ticket for a show on another day. This made Jess feel like her wedding — a once in a lifetime event, hopefully — wasn’t as important as a concert that had multiple shows.

“She was a really good friend, and if she saw a Taylor Swift concert as more important [than my wedding], that’s her choice, but I don’t want her to be a part of my day,” Jess said.

She also revealed that the two were no longer friends.

“I definitely would say we’re not friends anymore. We had that one call after the show and I’ve blocked her now,” she said.

“I don’t want to hear it… I honestly thought a lot more of her. This is my wedding, if it was anything else, I’d get it.”

“It’s just been really hard, and I didn’t expect to lose friends over such an exciting part of my life,” Jess continued tearfully.

“It’s really emotional, it’s meant to be an exciting time for me. It just sucks that someone I loved so much has done this.” Aww, hun! My heart.

Jess also said that a bunch of their friends had sided with Liv, leaving Jess feeling even worse.

“It’s been a bit of a rough couple of weeks. Some of my friends are cult Taylor Swift fans and have taken Liv’s side… it definitely hasn’t been the lead up to the wedding that I wanted.”

Jess if you see this, I will be your bridesmaid. You poor doll.

What happened between Jess and Liv to cause all this?

In case you missed the call that started it all, here’s a recap.

Liv, who was a bridesmaid, hadn’t actually told Jess she wouldn’t be at the party even though the wedding was THREE WEEKS AWAY (!!) — and decided the best way to deal with this was to tell Jess the extremely stressful news on live radio. Yikes.

What transpired was awful: Jess was hurt, outraged, and humiliated that this all was happening live on air. She called out Liv for waiting until the absolute last second to tell her the news, since this left her without a bridesmaid. She was also devastated because she had already expressed her frustration to Liv about other friends who also bailed on her wedding for Taylor — only for Liv to do the same.

“Obviously, like, the whole Taylor thing… we’ve been talking about it, and you’ve been saying how annoying it is that people are backing out. But, obviously, I haven’t told you that I got tickets for the Saturday… and this was done before Christmas,” Liv told Jess on the show.

Jess was initially in disbelief, and asked if she was being pranked.

“Is this… is this a prank? Are you joking? Liv, are you joking? It’s three weeks until my wedding, and you’re telling me now!?” she said.

“You want to miss my wedding to go to a Taylor Swift concert? You know how much this has been annoying [me], that people have been dropping out to go to her concert.”

Just an FYI, at this point Jess would have already paid for Liv to attend her wedding. When I got married last year, the average total cost per guest (for just a seat and food) was about $100-$200 depending on the size of the party. And that’s not including the extra money Jess would have spent on a bridesmaid dress and makeup for Liv.

“I feel awful,” Liv ended up admitting through tears.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you Jessie, I know, but I’ve just like, I’ve been so anxious about it and I know how much this wedding means to you, and I’ve been there every step of the way and when we were trying on bridesmaids dresses I was going to tell you… but you just paid and I got nervous.”

She. Just. Paid. The former bride in me is screaming.

“I don’t even understand though, like, you went and bought tickets ON MY WEDDING DATE!” Jess repeated after Liv tearfully insisted she wasn’t a bad friend.

“I’m not trying to be mean right now, I’m just angry before I get upset. I want you there next to me on my day and you’re not going to be there.”

Regardless of whose side you are on (if you are on Liv’s side, block me), the whole thing was a massive doozy, and even moreso because it happened with a live audience and now the entire nation knows about it.

I hope the concert is worth it.