Taylor Swift Fans Are Treating COVID Like A Badge Of Honour After Getting It At The Eras Tour

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Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour may not have saved the Australian economy, but at least Swifties on this side of the world weren’t calling their COVID-19 infections “cute” and referring to them as “souvenirs”, which is what’s been happening in Spain. 

ICYMI, there was a massive spike in COVID-19 infections after Swift played the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium on May 29 and 30, with one Swiftie trying to sell her positive COVID-19 test for €5000 (roughly $8100 AUD) on X (formerly Twitter). 

One of the biggest Spanish fan accounts shared a poll asking fans if they’d fallen ill after attending an Eras Tour concert, with over 10,000 people responding. 

“Did you go to the #MadridTSTheErasTour and did you take COVID, a virus or a cold home with you as a souvenir? Here’s a survey,” the translated tweet said.

35% of the replies came from fans who said yes, they were sick – with one saying they “spent [days] in pain” following the concert. 

Taylor Swift performing her Eras Tour in Madrid, Spain

Taylor Swift performing in Madrid, Spain. (Image: Getty)

A graph shows a spike in hospital admissions in Madrid, with more people hospitalised due to COVID in June 2024 than back in January. 

Meanwhile, Swifties have tweeted things like: “Taylor Swift is so cute – she included the new COVID variant as a surprise in the Eras Tour Madrid,” and “I have also been one of the lucky ones who got COVID from Taylor Swift in Lisbon”. 

After reading some of these tweets, one furious X user (@pot8um) slammed the fandom for being “virus-spreading pick-me ass bitches”. 

“Taylor Swift’s concert attendees are calling their Covid infections ‘souvenirs’ and ‘gifts’ from ‘mother’ and I’m supposed to NOT wanna launch myself into the sun?? You ignorant virus-spreading pick-me ass bitches??? Fuck y’all,” they wrote. 

“Stop throwing money at already wealthy celebrities and endangering your health and the health of everyone around you!”

Others agreed, with one saying that “god celebrity worship has gotten out of control”, while another saying this is a “world of ew”. 

The crowd at Taylor Swift's Eras Tour concert in Madrid, Spain

A bunch of people from this crowd in Madrid got sick after attending the concert. (Image: Getty)

People respond to the uptick in COVID-19 infections associated with Taylor Swift concerts

A user on X suggested that there could be an increase in COVID-19 infections in Scotland soon, after Taylor Swift performed in Edinburgh over the weekend. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen, but crowds plus a highly infectious disease doesn’t bode well.

Many other X users had strong opinions, with some saying the pop star should start including N-95 masks with her merch for sale. 

Honestly, I’m kind of into the idea of pop star masks catching on. Being fashionable and safe at the same time? So much cuter than that pesky thing called COVID.

Feature image: Getty