This Bride Took Her Bridesmaid To Court After She Allegedly Stole $$$ From Her & I Am Obsessed

I love other people’s drama, especially when they’re generous enough to share it via TikTok. And this TikTok series about a “bridesmaid-zilla” has me beyond invested.

The viral video, which was uploaded by TikToker hispanahippie outlines how her bridesmaid offered to cover the costs of the bachelorette party on her credit card, but once the other members of the bridal party sent her the cash, she dipped without booking a single thing.

The duo became embroiled in pretty hefty feud over the cash — which is fair enough — and it got so heated the courts had to get involved.

@hispanahippie Replying to @pauliemars Storytime on how my ex-best friend and bridesmaid stole money from my wedding party and ended up with a warrant #weddingtok #exbestfriend #civilcourtcase #messytok #exbridesmaid #weddingtheft #bridesmaidzilla ♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery – Dante9k Remix – David Snell

“Story time on how my ex-best friend and bridesmaid turned into the villain of my wedding,” she said in the original video, which has now been viewed more than 6.3 million times.

“I got married a year ago and for my wedding, my bridesmaids got together to throw me a bachelorette party. They decided to split the costs evenly, and one bridesmaid offered to put the accommodations on her credit card.”

The bride explained that two of the bridesmaids “immediately sent her their portion of the cost,” which totalled around $390 USD.

But after receiving the payments, the “villain bridesmaid” told everyone that she would “no longer be able to use the credit card because her husband wouldn’t let her”.

“She said she was more than happy to return the funds,” the TikToker continued.

“Another one of the bridesmaids then stepped up and said she was happy to pay with her credit card.”

“She asked the villain bridesmaid to send the two portions she already received plus her own.”

But according to the TikToker, the “villain bridesmaid” never sent the money. And when it came time for the bachelorette party, the woman/alleged thief didn’t even bother to show up.

The rest of the bridesmaids decided to approach her at the rehearsal dinner , which wouldn’t be my first choice but you do what you’ve gotta do to get your cash back I guess

In a shock to literally no one, she avoided paying the bridal party the money she had essentially stolen from them.

“At the wedding rehearsal, the rest of the bridesmaids got together and asked her to please pay back the two portions she already received plus her own, because all of this was already paid for,” explained the bride.

“She insisted that she will, grabbed her husband and said she was gonna go to the ATM. She left to go pick up the money and didn’t return.”

The next day at the wedding, the bride said the “villain bridesmaid” dodged the payments once again and ultimately left early without giving them the funds.

The TikToker added that for “weeks” after that, the women all went “back and forth” trying to get the payment from the “villain bridesmaid.”

“She declined and said she shouldn’t have to pay so much because she didn’t attend the bachelorette party,” she continued.

“Unfortunately, this was already paid for, so the bridesmaid who [paid] was now out of a significant amount of money.

@hispanahippie She hasn’t paid up…yet 🙄 #weddingtok #exbestfriend #civilcourtcase #messytok #exbridesmaid #weddingtheft #bridesmaidzilla #weddingtiktok #weddingdrama #bridesmaiddrama ♬ Oh No Im devastated – jonscottwontstop

“This girl accepted payments from the other two bridesmaids but didn’t want to pay it forward when she didn’t end up paying for any of it at all.”

Hispanahippie added that no one told her about what was happening at the time because they wanted her to have a “stress-free” wedding (excellent friends IMHO), but they eventually let her in on the drama.

“When I found out that this bridesmaid had stolen money from the other two bridesmaids and now my other friend of over a decade was out hundreds of dollars, I was livid,” she said.

“So I did what any smart bitch would do, I helped her file a civil court case.” And go off queen.

Hispanahippie said the “villain bridesmaid” evaded all of their calls, texts, and emails — and even failed to show up at court.

The judge ultimately ruled against the thieving bridesmaid and in an update video posted this week, the bride said she finally got the money — however, she may now be facing a court case of her own.

@hispanahippie This story keeps getting wilder… #weddingtok #exbestfriend #civilcourtcase #messytok #exbridesmaid #weddingtheft #bridesmaidzilla #weddingtiktok #weddingdrama #bridesmaiddrama ♬ Super Mario Bros Main Theme – Geek Music

“Y’all… she finally paid,” she said.

“The payments have been submitted to the court and a dismissal has been filed.

“However, I have received a text threat from our villain, stating that she had submitted three police reports and was attempting to charge me with harassment and bullying. So we have court in two weeks. Stay tuned.”

As a nosy-person first and a drama-lover second, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be staying tuned for this one.