The exact order in which Bachelorette sisters Elly and Becky Miles send home each of their final five boys has been revealed, if the intel we’re provided by the So Dramatic! Insta page is to be believed.


Still here? Ok cool.

According to the IG post, Elly takes home Frazer and Becky takes home Pete. Not bad choices at all, tbh. What else were you expecting?

It’s a pretty believable outcome, and keep in mind So Dramatic! was right on the money when they dropped the final boot order for Locky‘s season of The Bachelor earlier this year.

To see the whole boot order for The Bachelorette 2020, scroll on down the page. First up is Elly, and then Becky.


5. Damien

Wait… whomst? Hopefully he gets more airtime if he made it that far.

4. James

He might be a pro wake boarder but it’s probably his weird jealously that ruined his game in the end.

3. Adam

The geologist and Fabio doppelgänger may have gelled with Elly’s rock collection, but it sadly wasn’t enough for our sweet Rock Boy to edge out the competition.

2. Joe

Elly’s ex made it this far! Maybe he had an insider advantage, or maybe Elly was just keen to rekindle what they had. We’ll find out sooner or later.

1. Frazer

Yep, the dude who called sex “adult cuddling” ended up winning Elly’s heart. Maybe it was because he was so keen to get his kit off on national TV. Good choice, if that’s what you’re into.


Side note: Aggi got booted on Wednesday night, meaning so far, these Bachelorette spoilers are pretty accurate.

4. Sam

This ventriloquist doll daddy got surprisingly far. Good on him, I guess.

3. Shannon

Mr Pageant Smile (and IRL Mr Polynesia 2017) seemed to hit if off with Becky quite early on, and even managed to sneak in a bit of physical contact, too. Perhaps this giddiness was his eventual downfall on the home stretch.

2. Adrian

The steampunk dude! After getting completely overlooked in the first episode, he somehow defied the odds to become Becky’s runner-up. His recent haircut (not pictured) definitely boosted his chances, but his fuccboi antics certainly didn’t. At least he’ll have more time for ~the boys~ now.

1. Pete

After being brave enough to dance on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge three metres away from some random singer, he kind of deserved to make it to the end. Good on ya, Pete, and may all your future dates with Becky be markedly less awkward.

Aaaand that’s it! Now don’t go saying we So Dramatic! didn’t warn ya!