Usually there are a few awkward moments in every Bachelorette episode. In this one, the whole damn thing was one long, drawn-out awkward moment.

The only saving grace was watching Elly and Becky eviscerate Pascal for being a misogynistic prick, but let’s save the best ’til last.

First things first: That Harbour Bridge date Becky and Pete went on would be cool… if they weren’t obliged to awkwardly dance together, one metre in front of a singer at the very top of the structure.

Not sure who came up with this date idea but it’s… strange. A typical date on The Bachelorette, then.

Elly’s pool date with Pete was cute and steamy in the most literal sense, but also awkward in it’s own way.

The awkwardness didn’t stop outside the dates, either.

In fact all throughout this episode of The Bachelor we had awkward moment after awkward moment.

And now, for the absolute highlight of this strange evening.

Just to be clear, this was only awkward for that dickhead Pascal. For Elly, Becky and the rest of us, it was a moment of sweet, sweet justice.

Let’s reminisce about watching that boy squirm on national television.

The awkwardness was worth it just for that moment.

Good fkn riddance.