20 Tweets Of People Just Roasting The Bachelorette Dudes & James’ Dumb Earring In Particular

The Bachelorette content was popping off on Twitter tonight, and it looks like things might finally start getting exciting and actually be watchable. Elly and Becky went on an awkward double boat date, there was a weird wedding-themed group date and James was well, James.

Pete and Frazer accompanied the blonde sisters on the boat date. Pete was a total gentleman, and Fraser was just hot.

The group date was a weird MAFS/SAS/Bachelorette crossover where the boys had to fight their way through mud dressed as grooms, and Elly and Becky were dressed as brides. Adrian was also on antibiotics, and no one had any idea why.

The whole thing screamed bro culture, and I felt like they were going to break out into a fight at any moment…which I was weirdly into.


Becky saw something in Adrian that literally no one else saw, and chose him for the one-on-one date.

Even host daddy Osher was confused that Adrian was turning Becky on. Maybe if he put that steam punk hat back on we’d be interested? But right now, it’s a firm no from Australia.


Then there was the hot tub date…


The cocktail party was a hot mess (minus the hot part). Joe tried to recreate Elly and his first date, and James with the George Michael earring tried to recite a love letter that he wrote for Elly. James can’t pronounce ‘th’, and Joe can’t pronounce anything.

Even Osher agreed that James was channeling a bit of George Michael with that earring.


I’m sure James will be eliminated next though, because there is no way Osher is ok with someone else in the house wearing a loud blazer. That’s his thing.