12 Tweets And Memes That Got Us Through That Tedious Second Episode Of The Bachelorette

Well, tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette was about as interesting as a piece of stale white bread, but at least we have memes and twitter commentary to keep us going.

Tonight, Becky and Elly went on their first double date as a Bachelorette duo and it was nauseatingly wholesome.

Elly went with Harry and Becky went with Shannon aka one of the River Boys from Home and Away. Yes that’s right, Shannon was an extra on the show in 2017 and played one of the River Boys.


To be fair it is early in the season, so I’m sure there could be more drama around the corner. Or not….but only time will tell.

On the double date, Elly and Harry got to herd cows into a paddock, which is the equivalent of Lorena‘s “dirty street pie” date in my opinion. I know that Elly and Becky are from the country, but the amount of country related activities and vibes this season, is way too much.

On their one-on-one date, Elly was concerned that Harry isn’t eager to travel, but as this tweet points out, no one will be travelling anytime soon.


I knew I found him attractive for a reason. Curtis Stone you can teach me how to make a meal for under $10 by shopping at Coles anytime.

The group date was also a hot mess and many of the guys were dressed hideously. I guess it’s so they feel humiliated but Australia still gets to see their rigs.

To be honest, most people were just mesmerised by Adam’s hair and his resemblance to Fabio the Italian model with a delicious mane.

God, Fabio is so beautiful.

Can I get an Amen? This woman knows what’s up.


Ok now we’re officially into Russian Revolution Twitter. It’s time to go…


No unfortunately Georgia Love no one else noticed, because we’ve never been a Bachelorette but I admire your observational skills.

Let’s hope next week is a little less bland.