11 Of The Best Memes & Reactions To The All Boys Who Rocked Up Tonight On The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette kicked off tonight and the selection of boys for sisters Elly and Becky Miles is very much a mixed bag of charm, gimmicks, and a tetchy dude with a Cupid bow, for some reason.

Of course, first impressions are just that. There’s always room for these boys to grow throughout the series.

However none of that stopped us from judging them as soon as they each got out of the limo. After all, it’s probably what Elly and Becky were doing, too.

So without further ado, let us begin judging each and every boy to walk down that red carpet.

Sometimes your best asset is your smile. But that’s not always the case.

And what was up with those weird costumes? Is it a prerequisite for being on The Bachelorette? Not sure if they all worked, tbh.


For some of them, we were even deprived of a backstory.

It wasn’t just us judging the boys, either.

It turned out some of us had seen Harry before, on House Rules, in fact.

And for the sisters, there was another familiar face on The BacheloretteJoe apparently had a fling with Elly many moons ago, which meant he was off limits for Becky, who he also happened to know pretty well.

Anyway, all of these boys said the same thing, and tbh, enough!

How cute was that moment the sisters spent stargazing with Saj on the rug? Dunno how he didn’t manage to snag that first date.

AB was all of us one this episode was over with.


Shame he bailed during the rose ceremony, though. The Bachelorette won’t be the same without those backflips.