In this house, we stan a Bachelorette spoiler, so if you’re interested in spoilers, read on.

If not, buh-bye!

In last night’s episode of The Bachelorette, there was a mass exodus with several blokes sent packing. And while I can’t tell you which of the remaining blokes absolutely, definitely, 1000 per cent will win (although I have my theories…), I can tell you who doesn’t, and that’s Harry Harris.

The Wash reports that ya boi is already back on Tinder, searching for lurve on the apps, ‘cos doing so on telly didn’t work for him.

The publication also shared a screenshot of a comment from the Life Uncut poddy FB group, where a fan claimed to have spotted Harry on a date with someone.

“SPOTTED! Bachie’s Harry on a beach walk with a hot brunette that is neither Elly or Becky. Xoxo gossip girl,” the fan wrote.

Credit: The Wash.

Now, if you’ve been following on from home, you’ll be well aware that not only does Harry fail to win the heart of either gal, but apparently he’s the cause of some ‘yuge drama.

A recent episode of So Dramatic! podcast revealed that Harry will be yeeted from the Bachelorette mansion in a blaze of glory in an upcoming ep (read all about that here).

While we’re on the spoiler train, there’s a hot theory that Frazer Neate will win the heart of Miss Elly.

Frazer is the prime pick with all the bookies, plus, as The Wash pointed out, he was the only bloke who refrained from uploading his Bachelorette promo pic on Insta (the ONLY bloke) after the cast was announced by Channel 10, despite it reportedly being part of their contract. Sounds like he’s at least had a scornful sitch with the whole thing.

He eventually uploaded it days later, writing: “I guess the secret’s out.” Pretty low-key about the whole thing, right?

The Bachelorette continues tonight at 7:30 on Ten.