Tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette was carnage. Aside from witnessing four guys going home and a creepy ventriloquist dummy, we had steampunk-ish bloke Adrian grace our screens with some top-tier (or bottom-tier, perhaps) fuccboi antics.

About halfway through the episode, Becky and Adrian sat down to chat about the future. It didn’t go well.

Becky wants to make plans. She wants a house, a relationship, y’know, all that usual white picket fence stuff.

Adrian, meanwhile, just wants to hang with the boyzzzzz.

Like seriously, he refused to have any serious conversation about the future.

He’s just keen on living in the here and now, along side his boyzzzzz.

Clearly the dude’s having fun on the show, but it seems like his heart isn’t really in it.

Maybe he’s holding out for Bachelor in Paradise or just keen on racking in as many Insta followers as he can get.

To top it all off, Becky made her problem our problem by keeping Adrian around.

Like… Saj was right there Becky. You overlooked our precious stargazing prince for a dude who just wants to hang with the boyzzzzz.

Good luck saving for that house together, ugh.

At this point, things are looking pretty grim for any kind of wholesome relationship blossoming on the show.


Image: Network Ten