Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animals! Welcome To PTV’s Ultimate Christmas Gifting Suite

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Christmas is almost here, and that means it’s time to start thinking about present ideas for your loved ones and giving them what they really want this holiday season. With a little help from this list of Christmas gift ideas, you won’t have much else to do other than smashing that add-to-cart button.

The more personal, useful or creative, the better the gift is, really. Gone are the days of expensive gifts being the crux of Christmas. It’s 2023 bb, we are beyond that noise. We want gifts that speak to the soul, spark hobbies or bring joy to our giftees.

So that’s why, if you are like me, you will love what’s in our Christmas gift guide. We’ve found a little bit of everything, from gift ideas for coffee lovers and foodies, to last-minute present ideas and pressies that’ll land you on Santa’s naughty list (if you catch our drift).

(Christmas) Feast your eyes on what we’ve got in store for you.

Christmas Gift Ideas That Won’t Disappoint The Women in Your Life

Christmas gifts present ideas

Coming up with Christmas gift ideas for women isn’t too hard, you just have to know what she likes when it comes to fashion, beauty, fitness, homewares, travel etc. Then, you can scope out our gift guide to find the perfect pressie.

Christmas gifts present ideas

Goldfield & Banks Bohemian Lime Perfume


Smells like summer.

Prada OPR A02S


Everyone’s obsessed with these RN.

Christmas gifts present ideas

Stanley Iceflow 30oz


Level up from the hot girl cup.

You can shop for our gift ideas for women here.

A Bunch Of Christmas Present Ideas For Men Who Claim ‘IDK What I Want’

Christmas gifts present ideas

My pet peeve about shopping for men, is when you ask them what they want most of them simply mutter, ‘dunno, I’m not fussed’, YEAH, WELL I AM. Tell us what you want! Anyway, if you’re in that boat, we have a few ideas for ya.

8Bitdo SN30 Pro USB Gamepad


Hit ’em with the nostalgia.

Christmas gifts present ideas

Nike Blazer Low ’77 Vintage


Sneakerheads know these are dope.

Typo Table Top Game


You can’t go wrong with a foosball table.

You can shop our gift guide for men here.

Keep ‘Em Cumming: The Sex Toy Gift Ideas That’ll Land You On The Naughty List

Christmas gifts present ideas

From a little bit saucy to big cums, we’ve thought of all the naughtiest gift ideas. Ya welcome!

Christmas gifts present ideas

Normal Vibrator


Talk about a vibe.

Bras ‘N Things Bodysuit


Perfectly unwrapped.

Christmas gifts present ideas

Litty Clitty Candle


It wasn’t that hard to find.

You can shop our sex toy gift ideas here.

Christmas Present Ideas For The Person Who Would Hook An IV Of Coffee In Their Veins

Christmas gifts present ideas

For the person who needs a cup of coffee before they spring to life in the morning, we’ve got coffee machines, advent calendars and keep cups.

Sunbeam Compact Barista Espresso Machine


To us, from us.

Christmas gifts present ideas

Nesspresso Vertuo Advent Calendar (24 treats)


24 tasty coffee treats.

Frank Green Ceramic Reusable Cup



You can shop gift ideas for coffee lovers here.

Yes, Chef! Chrissy Gift Ideas For The Person Who Loves To Cook

Christmas gifts present ideas

We’ve all got that one friend who loves cooking up delicious treats, so why not get them something sweet for the kitchen?

Christmas gifts present ideas

Cosmic Cookware Cosmo Pan

$149 (usually $159)

Only Pans?

Furi Pro Stainless Steel Knife Block

$319.50 (usually $639)

Cut down to half price too.

Christmas gifts present ideas

Kip & Co Field Of Dreams Apron


Entering my apron era.

Christmas Gifts Under $50 For All You Broke-Ass Bitches (Us, We’re The Broke-Ass Bitches)

Christmas gifts present ideas

If cozzie livs has the purse strings feeling a little tight, we’ve gotchu. Here’s a bunch of gift ideas under $50, that still feel bougie.

Cotton On Tin of Socks


Fuck yeah!

Christmas gifts present ideas

Ultra Violette Vi’s Faves


Slip, slop, slap.

Rhythm Straw Bucket Hat


Summer ready.

You can shop our broke but bougie gift guide here.

Some Ruff Christmas Present Ideas For People Who Are Pet Parents

Christmas gifts present ideas

That’s hot! From plush beds to chew toys we’ve rounded up a bunch of cute pet pressies to give all the good boys and girls.

Christmas gifts present ideas

Pet Circle Flexi Classic Tape Black


Where you lead, I will follow.

Mog & Bone Bolster Dog Bed

From $99.05

Snuggle in style.

Christmas gifts present ideas

Kong Classic Doggie Chew Toy


Chew on this.

You can shop our gift guide for pets here.

Very Good, Not Shit Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas gifts present ideas

If you want a last-minute gift idea that doesn’t wreak of ‘I left this until the week before Christmas’, we’ve got you.

Binge Subscription

From $10 per month

Fight the Sunday scaries.

Christmas gifts present ideas

Disney+ Subscription

From $13.99

A gift that keeps on giving.

Amazon Prime Subscription

$9.99 per month

More than just streaming.

Christmas Gifts For When You Don’t Know What To Get Suzan From Accounts

Christmas gifts present ideas

One of the worst parts about participating in Secret Santa (especially the office ones) is pulling Suzan from accounts, or the new guy (whose name you can’t remember for the life of you) out of the hat. Don’t fret, we’ve found a bunch of general Secret Santa gifts that anyone would be chuffed with.

Christmas gifts present ideas

Print Bar Magic Reveal Mug


Think of the possibilities.

Etsy Middle Finger Candle

From $12.50


Christmas gifts present ideas

Noods Recipe Book


Send noods.

You can shop our Secret Santa gift guide here.

Just Some Christmas Present Ideas Your Environmentally-Friendly Friends Will Love

Christmas gifts present ideas

We’ve all got that one friend or family member who’s been slowly making the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle, so why not get them a little something to help them on their journey?

Seed & Sprout Kitchen Compost Bin


Bin it.

Christmas gifts present ideas

CrunchBox Lunch Box 2 Pot Tropical

$95 (usually $105)

A cute munch box.

Seed & Sprout Reusable Makeup Pads


Cleanse away a long day.

You can shop our sustainable gift ideas here.

Pressie Ideas Your Travel-Obsessed Friend Will Froth

Christmas gifts present ideas

If your friend’s been bitten by the travel bug, they’ll appreciate any of these gifts for travellers.

Christmas gifts present ideas

The Somewhere Co Daydream Adventure Backpack


Pack ‘er up!

Go-To Transformazing Sheet Masks

$55 (usually $66) 6 pack

For luminous, plump, bright skin, FAST.

Christmas gifts present ideas

Gucci Beauty Guilty Pour Femme


Light, fresh, feminine with a twist

You can shop for our gift ideas for travellers here.

Got Fit Friends? Try These 5am Workout-Approved Christmas Pressies

Christmas gifts present ideas

More passion, more passion! More energy, more energy! More footwork, more footwork! From weights and yoga mats to running bands, we’ve found a bunch of good gift ideas for your gym-going friends.

Bala The On-The-Go Kit


A different kinda bangle.

Christmas gifts present ideas

Foldup Mat & Bag Bundle


A foldup yoga mat.

The North Face Run Belt


For all your hot girl runs.

You can shop our fitness gift guide here.

A Bunch Of Gadgets And Gaming Pressies For The Tech Lover In Your Life

Got yourself a gamer? We’ve got you covered! Everything from nostalgic Pac-Man games and Super Mario Bros through to speakers and more.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Nintendo Switch

$68 (usually $79.95)


Amazon Australia Echo Pop


Hey Alexa, play Christmas carols by Michael Bublé.

My Arcade Retro PAC-Man Micro Player


Hit ’em with the nostalgia.

You can shop our tech and gaming gift guide here.

We’ll be adding to our gift guide right up until the big day, so keep checking back if you’re ever stuck for gift ideas.

Oh, and did we mention we’ve found the best beauty and sex toy advent calendars for 2023? They’re right over here.