17 Christmas Gifts For Pets If Your Fur Baby Is A Good Boy Who Deserves An Xmas Treat

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There is no creature on this earth that is more pure, loved and deserving of a gift than your pet. They’re the animals that love us unconditionally and are cuter than any human baby. So here’s your reminder to get a Christmas present for your pet, or pets, because they love you and definitely deserve a little treat after working so hard all year being the best little guys.

If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve made a list of the best Christmas gift ideas for pets from some of our favourite stores like, The Iconic, The Oodie, Pet Circle and more.

The Best Gift Ideas For Pets

A dog Oodie

Now everyone in your house can have their own Oodie. These dog-sized Oodies are made of the same material as the regular ones, so you know your furry friend will be as cosy as you.

gifts for pets

A doggy Santa hat and beard

gifts for pets

What’s more festive than this adorable Santa hat and beard for your pup? Christmas photo, anyone?

Some 2-in-1 pet wash

This Aesop pet wash is great for all kinds of pets, and it also doubles as a hand soap for humans.

gifts for pets

These reindeer antlers

Okay, coming only second to the Santa hat are these reindeer ears.

A Christmas cat collar

If you want to dress your cat up this Christmas, gift them this candy cane bow collar so your kitty can show their Christmas spirit.

gifts for pets

A LickiMat

LickiMats help to promote healthy licking behaviour in pets, which releases ‘feel-good’ endorphins to minimise things like anxiety, boredom, and destructive behaviours. The pad is designed to be loaded with all kinds of yummy treats like wet, dry, raw, or liquid food. It also doubles as a slow feeder to help stop your dog or cat from gulping down food and prevent bloat, indigestion, and other tummy troubles.

A new bed

If your doggo loves to sleep, this truffle-coloured dog bed would be the perfect Christmas gift. Not only will it look good in your home, but the doughnut-style bed features extra high walls that offer excellent neck and head support while helping your dog feel safe and secure.

gifts for pets

A new collar

This rechargeable LED collar is perfect for early morning or nighttime walks. It has a six-hour run time and can be set to solid or flashing lights so you can see your pup no matter where you are. This gift is great for both pets and owners alike.

A plush toy for your dog

Plush toys are a quick and easy gift idea that your dog will love, and this reindeer is perfect for the holiday season.

gifts for pets

A plush toy for your cat

Plush toys make great gifts for cats, especially if they’re filled with catnip, like this little monster dude.

Some tennis balls

What dog wouldn’t froth getting a set of tennis balls for Christmas? A classic pet gift that’ll make any pup happy.

gifts for pets

A cardboard cat scratcher

If you can’t seem to get your cat off your laptop, then this cardboard-scratching laptop is the perfect gift. Now you can both work from home together.

This Frank Green dog gift box

This Frank Green gift box for dogs and their owners features a fully customisable lead, collar and poo bag holder.

gifts for pets

This Frank Green bundle

Speaking of Frank Green, this bundle includes something for both a dog and their owner. This water bottle and pet cup combo is great for going on walks, and the cup is stackable to the bottom of the bottle for easy transport. We love gift ideas for both you and your pet.

A dog raincoat

If your pup’s fur doesn’t do well in the rain, investing in a dog raincoat is a good idea. The Iconic has this gorgeous teal and mint raincoat that even comes with tiny pockets.

gifts for pets

A cat collar

This kitty collar reflects light, so you can see your cat in the dark if they manage to get outside. It also features a break-away lock for safety.

A scratching post

Give your cat this cherry blossom-themed cat scratcher for Christmas and you’ll be getting a gift too. Not only will it give your cat an outlet to expend their energy, but also looks great as a piece of decor in your home.

gifts for pets

Now that we’ve given you a few good gift ideas for pets, we should probably direct you to our gift ideas for everyone else too. Just in case you’ve left things until the last minute again.