10 Christmas Presents For Coffee-Obsessed Brew Snob In Your Life

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Every friend group has that one person: they’ve got weird orders while you’re out for coffee, have every coffee making implement known to man, and their instagram feed is filled with nothing but foam art.

But as annoying as they are, today we’re celebrating them, with gift-giving season on the horizon, it’s time to check out what to buy them.

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The Best Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers

Frank Green – French Press

The Best Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers

Giving the aluminium French presses a run for their money is Frank Green’s good-looking version. It’s a triple-walled container, perfect for those drinkers who take a bit to down their morning cup of joe.

Milk Jug

Close out your barista dreams by grabbing a milk jug. The matte finish will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a cafe in any number of hipster suburbs.

Coffee Capsule Machine

The Best Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers

We’ve all got ambitions of being our own barista, but none of us have kinda money to spend on a brand-new machine. For an easy $119, you can start to make coffees that are easily worth a few bucks.

Milk Frother

If you’re operating on the lower end of the home coffee spectrum, there’s nothing better than giving it a bit of barista flare — and an easy way to do that is with a milk frother.

Nespresso Travel Mug

The Best Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers

Get with the times and start taking a reusable mug when you’re heading out to grab your latte. The big handle and double walling make the mug worth every penny.

Wacaco Portable Espresso Machine

Is there anything more 2023? You can grab a literal coffee machine that’ll be big enough to carry in your recycled tote bag. Wildearth’s device will help you make an espresso on the way to work — so there’s no need to deal with that cranky barista.

Coffee Grinder

If you’re a massive coffee snob and love grinding your own beans — it’d be handy to grab a coffee grinder to do the job. Sunbeam’s reliable grinder can cut it down to a size perfect for just about any machine.

Mystery Coffee Box

If your coffee-loving friend has tried all the beans out there, grab them a box of the unknown. They’ll finally be lost for words when it comes to this pack from the Perth Coffee Exchange.

Bialetti Express 4 Cup Coffee Maker

The Best Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers

If using an ordinary coffee machine takes way too much time out of your day, grab an express coffee maker. Chuck in your favourite bean and your coffee will be minutes away.

Nespresso Advent Calendar

The coffee gods over at Nespresso have come up with a gift that couldn’t be any more perfect for the mate who loves a bit of caffeine. There are 24 coffee capsules in the box, with an extra special treat hidden behind door 24.

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