15 Of The Best Gift Ideas For Travellers No Matter What Your Budget Is

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We’ve all got that one person in our lives that’s basically a nomad. It feels like they’re forever jumping on a plane, train or some mode of transport and jetting off to a new location. Naturally, you’re probably on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift for them (if you can figure out where to post it). So we’ve gone ahead and found the best gift ideas for travellers.

From travel pillows and luggage to packing cubes and AirTags, there’s bound to be a gift idea in here to suit your budget and make your travel buddy’s trip that much more enjoyable.

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The Best Gifts For Travellers

Slip Jet Setter Travel Pillow

Everyone who’s ever been on a long-haul flight (or short) knows that a travel pillow is a must. There’s nothing worse than having your head rolling around everywhere while you’re trying to sleep.

July Carry On Pro

If your giftee is forever hopping on a flight, gifting them a luxury carry on bag is a wonderful idea. July make some of the best quality luggage on the market and you can also personalise each piece by having it monogrammed.

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Globite Voyager Packing Cube

I don’t know about you, but I could always use help packing, and these packing cubes make it super easy to utilise your luggage space. Any globe hopper would love opening these on Christmas morning.

Cee Clear Cosmetic Case

Upgrade your bestie from the clear clip-seal bag they’ve been using to get through customs and buy them a beautiful clear cosmetics case.

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Mon Purse Luxury Leather Passport Holder

If your giftee is forever losing their passport, give them a passport holder to keep it in, preferably a colourful one as they’ll stand out better at the bottom of a bag.

Nere Cosmetic Case With Travel Bottles

Everyone needs a good cosmetics cases and this one just happens to come with a range of travel jars and bottles that they can put all their goodies into.

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JS Health Vitamins

Most travellers will stock up on the essentials before going away, especially if their next adventure takes them overseas. Sometimes that consists of supplements, too. If you know which ones line their bathroom counter, you could always top them up.

Status Anxiety Best Lies Bum Bag

Like most fashion trends, bum bags have made a comeback, especially for travellers.

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Cotton On Off The Grid Jewellery Case

There’s nothing worse than untangling jewellery, so it’s super handy to have a small case when travelling. This little one has so many little compartments to help keep things organised.

Apple AirTags

Travellers are obsessed with AirTags since it’s such a genius way to track your luggage when an airline loses it. Plus, they’re super versatile — you can pop one on or in just about anything —keys, wallet, luggage.

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Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

This mask won’t cure their jetlag, but it’s a start.

Silk Magnolia Pure Silk Gold Collection Eye Mask

An eye mask is the perfect travel companion for your travelling companion.

Nere Luggage Strap

Cheap and cheerful, a luggage strap is a super useful gift idea if you’re shopping on a budget.

35mmCo The Reloader

A little film camera to capture all of their adventures.

Bose QuietComfort SE Headphones

Whether they’re travelling on loud trains, slogging it out in busy airports, or staying in noisy hostels, a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones is an excellent gift idea.

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