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Christmas is here, and that means it’s time to get thinking about your loved ones and what they really want this holiday season. With a little help from this list of Christmas gift ideas, you won’t have to make your bank account sad just to make your friends and fam happy, with our spread of gifts that sit under $100.

As someone who hurts their bank account every single year with exorbitant spending, I truly would appreciate it if someone not only told me to reign it in but also how?! The amount of money spent does not make the gift, you see.

When it comes to receiving though, you can get me anything and I’ll be happy. The more useful or creative, the better really. Gone are the days of expensive gifts being the crux of Christmas. It’s 2021 bb, we are beyond that noise.

So that’s why, if you are like me, you will love what’s in this list of Christmas gift ideas. There’s something in here for everyone, and the best part is, these items won’t break the bank. They’re even perfect for those cost-restrictive Kris Kringle gift exchanges that you might be doing this year, so there’s something.

(Christmas) feast your eyes on what we’ve got in store for you:

These Doodad and Fandango pronoun earrings

Doodad and Fandango Pronoun Earrings, $80-90

Hands down the best thing on the internet. I would instantly talk to anyone wearing these at a party. If pronoun earrings aren’t your thing though, Doodad and Fandango do a whole smorgasbord of sick earrings, including one that says ‘shut up Karen‘, which is neat.

This sick custom photo air freshener

christmas gift ideasCustom Photo Air Freshener, $13.41

If your mates aren’t driving with your face dangling on their dash, I’m sorry to break it to you, but they’re a fake. So, give them the true test of friendship with these custom air fresheners.

Now when you say you’ll be there for them at all times, you can actually mean it.

This game-changing pimple patch

COSRX Acne Pimple Patch, $7.90

This highly-rated pimple patch will have you saying goodbye to that Mount Everest-looking spot on your face faster than you can say “yeah, I’ll come out tonight”. Thank us later, friends.

This Ghost of Tsushima PS5 Game

Christmas gift ideasGhost of Tsushima PS5, $98

I can’t say I’m a gamer, but my friends haven’t shut up about wanting this bad boy for Christmas, so I think we might be on to a winner here. Just make sure you check what console the recipient has before buying, as this product is exclusive to PS5s, and the PS4 version is available here, too.

These cute candles from Blazed

BlazedBlazed Wax Candles, $40-$62

If someone you love is really into candles, they’ll dig something from the people at Blazed, who make some pretty neat and colourful options.

This tasty bottle of Melbourne gin

Patient Wolf Melbourne Dry Gin, $80

Need I say more?

This Ralph Lauren tee

Christmas gift ideasRalph Lauren Classic Crew Neck Pocket Tee, $69

Ralph Lauren will never be out of fashion TBH. Throw this bad boy on anyone and they immediately become hot, that’s just science.

This delightful table cloth from Bed Threads

ThreadsBed Threads 100% Linen Tablecloths, From $100

You too can live your Call Me By Your Name northern Italy fantasy with these tablecloths, which are sure to spice up any outdoor event.

This poker set for your next game of Hold’em

Jenjo Poker Set with Plastic Cards, $68

Do not mistake the importance of a poker night with the squad. If you don’t have one of these versatile bad boys in your games night arsenal, then what are you doing?

This luxe silk pillowcase from Masqe

Silk PillowMasqe Silk Pillow Case, $84.99

Know someone who could do with a luxe pillowcase? Chuck them one of these bad boys and I can guarantee you they will not complain. Comfort and chic in one.

This card game that’ll get you drunk

These Cards Will Get You Drunk Drinking Game,$22.39

Your summer road trip evenings are well and truly sorted with these fun lil’ cards. All you need to add to this neat gift is a cheeky bottle of gin.

This sweet pocket speaker

Christmas gift ideasAnker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker was $22.99, now $9.99

Can I get a hell yeah for not lugging around an expensive, heavy-ass speaker? Yeah, I’m talking about the one that always manages to get sand in it literally every fucking time you bring it to the beach. Thankfully, this mini pocket one does the exact same thing, it’s just a quarter of size. You’re welcome.

This Reliquia star sign necklace

Reliquia Jewellery Star Sign Necklace, $149

If your horoscope-loving friend wants a non-cheugy, lowkey way to tell everyone they’re a fun Leo without actually telling everyone they’re a fun Leo, this is how you can help them do it.

These sleek Sony headphones

Sony WH-CH510 Wireless Headphones, $69

Simple in design, maximal in sound quality, everyone needs to have a good set of headphones in their life. Unfortunately, ultra-quality headphones can go for around $400, so when it comes to your under $100 options, this pair right here will not disappoint at all.

These amazing cupcakes for your doggo

DIY Pawtisserie Pupcake Kit, $34.95

DOG CUPCAKES!!! They look so good, I must resist to urge to eat them myself. Who said your Christmas gift ideas had to be strictly limited to your human friends.

This Apple Air Tag

Christmas gift ideasApple Air Tag, $45

It’s going to be 2022 soon, we don’t stand for lost keys in the tech era.

This trippy phone case

Christmas gift ideasCASETiFY Acid Smiles Phone Case, $93

Fuck just protecting your phone, this case will look hot with all your outfits and make your mirror selfies look edgy, baby.

This Aesop room spray of your dreams

Aesop Istros Aromatique Room Spray, $63

You know the distinct smell that wafts up your nostrils when you walk into a spa? The one that literally makes you feel like you’ve slept for 18 days straight and are now a newer, better version of yourself? Well, now you can buy it for your room. Oh, fuck, my bad, I meant your gift recipient’s room**.

This limited-edition Fenty Beauty set

Christmas gift ideasFenty Beauty Glossy Fantasy 4sum Set, $60

Everyone loves some Fenty in their lives, and there’s nothing more special than a limited edition Fenty product that will one day be completely off the shelves.

These fashionable Crocs

CrocsCrocs Classic All-Terrain Clog, $89.99

If Bieber can rock them, you can rock them. I don’t want to hear any excuses. It’s Crocs season all year round!

This relaxing Natio essential oil diffuser

NatioNatio Tranquil Christmas Set Essential Oil Diffuser, $99.95

If you or someone in your life doesn’t have an oil diffuser, please make the purchase. These things are life changing.

This big delicious D

Christmas gift ideasGoldeluck’s Big D Energy Donut, $36

There’s literally no one in your life who wouldn’t love this big edible D. Except maybe your dad. Learn from my mistakes and don’t buy it for him.

This tasty bottle of Chivas Regal whisky

Chivas Regal 13-Year-Old Scotch Whisky, $59.90

This king needs no introduction. The good folks at Chivas Regal have been prepping this blend for 13 years, so the least you could do is sip some out of courtesy.

These monogrammed AirPod cases from The Daily Edited

AirPodsThe Daily Edited Customisable Leather AirPod Case, $50

Spice up the mundanity of owning a boring old AirPods case, and treat the Apple user in your life to something a bit more stylish. The Daily Edited is known for its luxe monogrammed leather sets, and the AirPod cases are a beaut edition.

This burrito blanket

Christmas gift ideasNovelty Tortilla Blanket, $19.90

I forced one of my friends to buy this for my 21st birthday, and now I sleep peacefully in a real life bed burrito every night. My life has changed for the better. Now you can change one of your friends’ lives, too.

Need more Christmas gift ideas? Let us give you a hand.

Image: The Office