18 Gift Ideas For The Fitness Fiend In Your Life Who Loves To Break A Sweat

fitness gift ideas
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Friends, you’ve got around 25 days until Christmas, which means you’ve probably got another week or so to get your Christmas shopping sorted. If you’re still struggling to think of Christmas gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created gift guides for just about every person in your life, including the fitness lover you’re still pondering over.

Yep, we’ve gone ahead and travelled the Internet for the best gift ideas for fitness lovers and found a whole bunch of goodies. From weights and reformers to socks and sets, our growing list should sort you out.

So, without further ado — let’s go shopping.

The Best Gift Ideas For Fitness Lovers

A Set of Bala Bangles

fitness gifts

If the fitness lover in your life is always on the go, they’ll appreciate this Bala Bangle + Bar kit ($168). It comes with mini weights and ankle weights, so they can work out just about anywhere.

JS Health Advanced Magnesium+

If your giftee is into working out, they probably have a strong focus on recovery, so why not give them a top-up of magnesium like JS Health’s Advanced Magnesium+ Formula?

Nike’s Pegasus 40s

For the avid road runner, a pair of Nike’s best-selling Pegasus 40s ($190). They’re loaded with support in all the areas your little hoofs need, like the arch and toes.

Vital+ SaunaPod + Ice Bath: Wellness Bundle

Any fitness-lover would be stoked with this SaunaPod + Ice Bath: Wellness Bundle ($572, usually $822). Hot + cold therapy is great for your joints and muscles, immunity, mental wellbeing and more.

fitness gifts

Beats Fit Pro

Every runner needs a good quality pair of headphones, and the Beats Fit Pros ($279, usually $299.99) are up there with the best.

Foldup Mat & Bag Bundle

For the yogi on the go, Foldup’s Mat & Bag Bundle ($239). Everything about this bundle is perfect, the foldable mat, the beautiful backpack, the quality — it’s the perfect gift idea.

fitness gifts

Lululemon Double Roller Mini

Everyone needs a good foam roller in their life, no matter how active they are (or aren’t). Smooshing your body up against one of these baddies can help bring relief, albeit sometimes painful. Our pick: This little set from Lululemon ($49).

Renpho Massage Gun

Another one for sore muscles is the RENPHO Massage Gun ($109, usually $199). This little baby will give your giftee a pounding, in the best way possible.

fitness gifts

Regent Rituals Keep It Cute Antibacterial Towel

Made from recyclables, this little antibacterial towel from Regent Rituals ($39) is going to be your new workout bestie.

Peloton App Subscription

When you hear the words Peloton, you automatically think of the cult-famous bike, but did you know they also have a bloody good fitness app? Your giftee can choose from loads of classes and workouts as well as tracking literally every fitness metric possible. Plus, it’ll only set you back around $169 for the year.

fitness gifts

Your Reformer

Give the Pilates princess in your life the ultimate gift, an at-home reformer. Your Reformer offers a hiring option where from $39 a week, you can hire them a reformer for their own home. Plus, they’ll gain access to a whole bunch of classes. It’s better than a gym membership if you ask us.

A Set From Crop Shop Boutique

Every gym girlie is obsessed with Crop Shop Boutique, so why not gift them an activewear set they’ll love?

fitness gifts

Gymshark Silicone Grip Lifting Straps

For the weightlifter in your life, a good set of lifting straps like this set from Gymshark ($22.50, usually $25). Save their hands from calluses and you the stress of thinking of a present.

Alo District Trucker Hat

If your giftee loves a trucker hat, they’re going to adore this gift idea from Alo ($99).

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Some Cute Gym Sockies

Cute gym socks are always a good gift idea.

Naked Harvest Watermelon Pre-Workout

As far as pre-workout goes, this watermelon one from Naked Harvest ($56) is as tasty as they come.

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Frank Green Ceramic Reusable Bottle 2,000ml

For the Frank Green girlies, upgrade their emotional support water bottle for just $89.95, and help them get their water intake up.

Kit: Your Body Kit

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with Kit’s Your Body Kit ($60). It contains a wellness wash and a luscious body lotion, so your gym bestie will scrub up nicely.

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Now that you’ve got your fitness gifts sorted, you can find gifts for everybody else in your life thanks to our ultimate gift guide here.

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