We've partnered with eBay to spread the Christmas cheer.

Christmas is coming in hot and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate some good in this world. Among the festive cheer, however, is the silent dread of the whole office Secret Santa/Kris Kringle tradition. We get it, buying Christmas presents is hard enough, but buying them for people you only know on a professional basis? Forget about it.

While the cutesy tradition is designed to bring colleagues closer together, it can truly make people sweaty with fear. Usually there will be a few rules like nothing over $25 and nothing crude (because there’s always one person who takes it too far).

Here, we’ve done the hard yards for you and whipped up 12 secret Santa gift ideas – all under $25 – that’ll dazzle one and all. They’re all from eBay which means you don’t have to run around your local shops in a frenzy. Just kick back, order it online and wait for the gift to rock up at your door. Then prepare to be crowned employee of the month for stealing the show at the secret Santa gifts reveal.

Gag gift secret Santa

The easiest way to distract from the idea that you don’t know someone at all – is by getting them a joke present. Yep, humour is always a sure-fire winner when it comes to Kris Kringle.

Kris Kringle Novelty Mug $19.90*

This mug really speaks for itself. It’s hilarious and it’ll come in handy for those frequent tea breaks co-workers take just to gossip at the biscuit cupboard. Told you we’d help smash your Christmas presents goals.

Twister Board Game $15.00*

** (Black Friday deal price, eBay Plus exclusive, 100 total units)  

Anyone who says Twister is a children’s game clearly hasn’t attended a board games party as an adult. This should live in every adult’s cupboard for any and all situations – from a Saturday night party to an icebreaker on a third date, you can’t go wrong with Twister.

The Grinch Dr Seuss’ 2018 DVD $21.85* 

This is a great gift for that token person in the office who claims to hate Christmas (everyone’s office has one). We wisely picked the cartoon version so the cuteness cancels out any potential flack you might receive for brazenly calling this person out on their lack of festive cheer.

Inside joke gifts

If you pull someone’s name from the hat who you vaguely know something about – cling onto this knowledge for dear life. Whether it’s their love of wine or an obsession with astrology, just grab a cheap gift that implies you’ve put some thought and personalisation into it.

Novelty Wine Bottle Glass $17.95*

If you constantly crack jokes with someone who loves a cheeky glass of wine on a Friday after a week of budgets and reporting, this is just the thing.

Magic 8 Ball $18.00*

If you pull the name of the office psychic who loves reading everyone’s fortunes, why not get them a Magic 8 Ball to answer all their questions? Sure, it’s technically for children aged 6 and over but we’re yet to meet an adult who doesn’t love the whimsical charm of these bad boys. They can keep it on their desk and whip it out during an office crisis.

Monopoly Sore Losers $20* 

** (Cyber Monday deal price, eBay Plus exclusive, 100 total units)  

Remember that person at the team bonding summit who became so possessed with winning every activity that people were mildly terrified? This is the gift for them. It’s lighthearted enough to ensure you won’t be punished but also a subtle dig at their inability to lose like a champ.

Phone a friend gifts

Sometimes our secret Santa recipient really gets us stumped, and there’s no other option than to consult the big guns and ask their mate (AKA. another co-worker). This person might know them slightly better than you and can give you some belter ideas for Christmas presents.

Pet Bed Mattress $22.00*

** (Black Friday deal price, eBay Plus exclusive, total units)

Every office has one person whose love for their pet borders on the obsessive. If you’re truly unsure of what to get this person specifically, just buy something for their pet. They’ll probably send weekly photos to you of their pet in the bed but at least you’ll have dazzled them with your thoughtfulness.

2021 Cumberland Planner Diary $15.90*

Your recipients’ friend might enlighten you by sharing a detail about this person’s love of planning. Picking up a 2021 diary is a great way to indulge their type-A personality and show them you’ve put some thought into their gift.

Pop-Up Tent $15.00*

** (Cyber Monday deal price, eBay Plus exclusive, 800 available)

Say you’ve just found out that Sharon from accounts really loves camping. This pop-up tent is among a few cute and affordable Christmas presents that’ll actually come in handy. It’s also useful for people who love the beach but don’t want to drop $200 on those fancy umbrellas.

Crowd pleaser secret Santa gifts

Last but not least comes the crowd pleasers. Those things that are universally enjoyed by all and thereby impossible to dislike. Even if you know absolutely nothing about your person, these gifts are guaranteed to awe and delight.

SonicGear Portable Bluetooth Speaker $18.95*

You don’t have to be the office muso to appreciate the value of a portable speaker. You can take this bad boy absolutely anywhere and enjoy the unrivalled bliss of music on the go. It’s a failsafe gift that will likely render everyone jealous that you weren’t their secret Santa.

Portable Travel LED Reading Light $6.95*

If your recipient loves to read and their desk is always stacked high with books, a reading light is a thoughtful present that anyone would love. It comes in handy a lot more than you’d think and is an all-round wholesome gift.

Baseus Wireless Bluetooth Earphones $19.00*

** (Deal price (28 November), eBay Plus exclusive, total units)  

There’s not a single soul on earth who wouldn’t thank you for a pair of wireless headphones. They come in handy for quite literally everything and nobody would ever guess they were so cheap, either. Consider yourself the winner of Kris Kringle

*Prices shown are reflective of price at time of writing (26/11/2020)

**Deals dropping from 8am AEDT 27 November 2020 to 30 November at various times and quantities. eBay Plus exclusive on selected items only. 1 item per person. While stock lasts. T&Cs apply 

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