Travis Kelce’s Old Tweets From 2010 Have Resurfaced And They’re Giving Wonder, Whimsy & Delight


Taylor Swift‘s latest flame Travis Kelce has been under the mercy of Swifties with too much time on their hands for some weeks now. In their endeavour to know every single thing about their new parasocial step dad, fans have dug up his old tweets. Don’t worry though — these little rectangles of chaos can only be perceived as an endorsement.

Swift and Kelce are all anyone can talk about right now, with the romance between the two unfolding so publicly in the two-ish months that they’ve been dating.

Kelce especially has been a good sport (hehe) about the absolutely bonkers antics of his girlfriend’s fans, who have been acting simultaneously like naughty children whose mum just got a new boyfriend, and also the unhinged stans that they are (I say this lovingly). They’re both frothing over videos of Swift and Kelce’s PDA, and also digging up every tidbit of information they can find on him.

This previously resulted in some videos resurfacing earlier from his time on a reality competition, which had a bit of a suss vibe. But forget that now because fans’ latest detective work has unveiled his old tweets and they are absolutely a green flag.

7 Of Travis Kelce’s Hilarious Old Tweets

Kelce is known for his talent on the football field but let’s all appreciate that what he really should be praised for is the sheer chaos of his glorious Twitter history, circa 2010 to 2012. The golden era.

Just look at this sO rAnDoM tweet from 2010:

This man was 21 years old at the time of this important message.

In another tweet, he wrote: “The qustion (sic) isn’t how do you stop us, because frankley you cant stop whats supposed to happen! The question is which one of us gonna shine!?”

The typos… the confidence… the aggressive positivity… why do I actually adore this energy?

My favourite tweet, though, is this lovely note:

I think it’s safe to say manifesting at what I assume was the full-moon worked. Do I detect a hint of witchery?

Travis Kelce also penned tweets about pasta and a squirrel, only further fuelling the golden retriever allegations.

I have not heard the word “schmackin” in 12 years and I feel like I have just lost The Game.

GOAT-CARTING. Why is this so unironically funny?

The following year, Kelce also posted this banger: “The capacity to live in the past by memory can also emancipate the individual from the tyranny of the present.”

Talk about range.

Adding Travis Kelce to my dream blunt rotation was not on my 2023 bingo card, yet here we are. Say what you will about this himbo, but he radiates an unnerving amount of cheerful energy and I reckon it’s a vibe.

Image: David Eulitt/Getty Images