Taylor Swift Left Behind Handwritten Notes After Her BF’s Game & They’ve Been Shared Online

A publicist for NFL star Travis Kelce has shot down reports that Taylor Swift had a hand-written cheat sheet filled with notes about his football team when she attended the game on Sunday night US time.

On Monday, Deuxmoi posted a video of pictures of a piece of paper with handwritten notes about the Kansas City Chiefs with the heading “Chiefs Notes” written in bubble writing.

Yes, I do believe this particular font is important information worth including.

Deuxmoi captioned the post: “Recovered from yesterday’s game…allegedly Taylor Swift’s team made sure she knew her stuff!! Love that!!”

The cheeky notes didn’t just outline rules about NFL, they’re specific to the Chiefs containing facts about who the star players are, the owners of the team and even what songs the fans sing when they score a touchdown. You know, the usual kind of stuff you’d need to know when making conversation with your new boyfriend’s mum and other huge fans when you’re in the special player’s box.

But Travis’ publicist Pia Malihi caught wind of the post and quickly denied the rumours by posting a comment of her own.

“Not true… I’m TK’s publicist and that’s not hers,” she wrote on Deuxmoi’s post.

Fans were quick to praise Pia for debunking the rumour but honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with having a cheat sheet. The Chiefs aren’t even Taylor’s team, she’s a Philadelphia Eagles girlie. Why should she know all of this random info about a team she doesn’t even support?

I think, regardless of if this sheet was Taylor’s or not, showing an interest and making the effort is sweet.

Taylor Swift Cheat Sheet
Ah yes *consults notes* a touchdown. (Image Source: Getty Images / Jason Hanna)

Incidentally, I’ve done something a little bit similar before.

My partner is a huge Sydney Rooster’s fan and at the beginning of the pandemic when we lived together in a share house, I decided to secretly read up about all of the Rooster’s news each week so I could make comments akin to a commentator as while watching the game.

It was a bit, a goof – until it was the end of the season and I found myself buying merch and realising I’d been indoctrinated. Stegglers for choice, Stegglers for comfort!!!!!

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is my partner appreciated the effort I made to understand his favourite team and his favourite game. Even if this scribbly piece of paper was Taylor’s, I’m sure Travis appreciated it.