Ruby Tuesday Matthews Drags Former Manager Roxy Jacenko In A Savage Instagram Comment

Oyster-slurping influencer Ruby Tuesday Matthews has blown the lid wide open on her secret beef with her former manager Roxy Jacenko.

ICYMI: Jacenko is making headlines at the mo for all the wrong reasons. It kicked off with a giveaway gone wrong a few months back and resulted in her stepping down from her own company and being called out by her partners.

The story has been covered far and wide across the Aussie media, from media outlets such as yours truly to podcasts like the Outspoken Podcast.

After the local pod shared Jacenko’s apology vid on social media, Ruby Tuesday Matthews left a comment that tipped folks off to their secret beef.

Roxy Jacenko's apology video

Roxy Jacenko’s apology video. (Credit: Instagram)

“Every single person whoever has worked for her and has been abruptly ‘fired’ or [walked] away in a broken shell is literally biting their tongues right now,” she claimed.

For context,

Ruby Tuesday Matthews' comment

Ruby Tuesday Matthews’ comment. (Credit: Instagram)

Ruby Tuesday Matthews

Crustacean-loving queen Ruby Tuesday Matthews. (Credit: Instagram)

In case ya didn’t know, Roxy was Ruby’s manager back in 2020, around the time of Oystergate. Their beef was previously unknown, so this is a rather interesting morsel of information.

For further context, Jacenko stepped down as director of her own Brand Bootcamp earlier this week due to feeling “distressed” and “embarrassed”, and left the rest of the responsibility to her partners (who own 50% of the business) Youssef Tleis and Kassim Alaouie.

According to the Daily Mail, subscribers to Roxy’s Brand Bootcamp received a fiery email from the pair, which detailed the alleged downfall of their relationship with Jacenko and accused her of locking them out of the brand’s socials.

“These [social media] videos are misleading and paint a completely inaccurate picture of our intentions and actions with regards to Roxy’s Bootcamp,” they wrote.

They alleged their partnership with Jacenko started off “in good faith” but “deteriorated based mainly on a difference of opinions about how to market the promotion.”

“This led Roxy, who I trusted as a business partner, to last month lock me out of the company’s [social media] accounts,” they wrote.

“Her accusations that we do not intend to give away the prizes or pay the guaranteed $250,000 prize are simply wrong and defamatory, and are extremely concerning to us.

“Just because she wants ‘out’ of this business does not mean that the public should not get the benefit of a prize draw they signed up for.”

At the end of the email they claimed they have asked Roxy for access to the social media accounts, and threatened “legal recourse” if they remained locked out.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to both Roxy Jacenko and Ruby Tuesday Matthews for a statement.

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