Roxy Jacenko Whipped Out Receipts After An SAS Australia Instructor Sledged Her In The Media

Sydney PR queen Roxy Jacenko – who bailed out of SAS Australia during the very first episode – has pulled out some damning receipts after Directing Staff instructor Ollie Ollerton talked shit about her in the press.

On Saturday, Ollerton told that Jacenko “was horrendous from the outset” and that she was the celeb who disappointed him the most during filming.

A day later, Jacenko pulled out the receipts in the form of DM screenshots. On her Insta story she called them “the reality of the reality”.

“Be proud, people have no idea what the reality is like, amplified by injury x,” Ollerton told Jacenko the night after her one and only episode aired.

It’s quite a different tone to the one he took when he publicly sledged her on Saturday.

(Instagram / @roxyjacenko)

But here’s the wildest part: Ollerton actually had the hide to ask Jacenko for help with some kind of business proposition in Australia.

“I have a business venture I want to launch in Aus, maybe you could help? But go relax first,” he said to her earlier in the message chain.

Jacenko, for her part, was quite welcoming to the idea, and told him to shoot her an email.

Maybe she was just being polite, or maybe she just can’t say no to a money-making opportunity. Either way, a lot has now changed since her brief stint on SAS Australia.

Not sure if it was the local launch of Ollerton’s new series of tacky, military-themed novels, or is he’s just gonna stick his name on protein supplements and other random shit, but still, the receipts are gloriously damning.

Good luck getting any help from PR expert and poo-jogger victim Roxy Jacenko now, Ollie.

It’s not just Ollerton who’s given the failed contestant a hard time after the show aired, either.

After fighting (and feuding) with her former friend and client Candice Warner, Jacenko was sacked by her after the show went to air.

She also copped a heap of flak online for being a quitter, and argued about her extremely brief innings with a bunch of radio hosts.

Now we have another post-SAS Australia feud to add to Roxy Jacenko’s belt.

However this time, Jacenko is clearly the victor.