SAS Australia Quitter Roxy Jacenko Says She Was Sacked By Candice Warner After *That* Fight

Socialite PR director – and reality TV show quitter – Roxy Jacenko has revealed she was sacked by her former client Candice Warner after their on-air tussle during SAS Australia.

In a Tuesday morning interview on KISS FM, Jacenko told Kyle and Jackie-O about engaging in a mandatory fist fight with her former friend and client completely ruined their relationship.

“Is she really my friend anymore? No,” she told Kyle and Jackie-O.

“You know why I never hit back? Because it’d be like being in a ring with Jackie.

“You’re my mate, and I’m not going to smack you in the face for other people’s entertainment.”

Jacenko went on to say that since the fight, they haven’t kissed and made up.

“No, she sacked me instead,” she said.

“People will always let you down. I believe after what I did for Candice that it was a real smack in the face, pardon the pun.”

Jacenko said she was upset that Warner kept punching even when she turned away, despite the instructors telling them not to stop punching no matter what.

If you need a little help remembering anything about Jacenko other than the poo jogger saga (we don’t blame you), just know that when Candice Warner’s husband, cricketer David Warner, was caught up in the 2018 ball tampering scandal, Jacenkno helped her weather the entire thing.

The point is, the two go way back, and Jacenko did more than just send out press releases for Warner.

The KISS interview was Jacenko’s second of the morning, after a disastrous chat on Triple M where she literally hung up mid-conversation.

When host Lawrence Mooney accused her of dropping out, Jacenko got fed up and ended the call.

“You know what, let’s leave this here because you’re doing exactly what the people on the internet are doing,” she said.

It’s been a big day for Jacenko since her first and only episode of SAS Australia went to air.

She lost a friend, a client, and got mad on commercial radio. Let’s hope she can somehow cheer up soon.