SAS Australia has generated a fuck ton of goss, from Ali Oetjen and Taite Radley drama to the Roxy Jacenko beef, both of the Candice Warner and Ollie Ollerton variety.

Because we’re all thirsty as fuck to take another big gulp of SAS tea, the folks over at The Wash went down to the Sydney headquarters of Roxy’s PR firm, Sweaty Betty.

The goss mongers caught Roxy Jacenko as she was, erm, taking the trash out (I’m sure she does that herself and doesn’t force one of her many tired minions to do it for her), and probed her about the beef involving the aforementioned Ollerton, SAS’ Directing Staff instructor.

ICYMI: On Saturday, Ollerton told that Roxy Jacenko “was horrendous from the outset” and that of all the celebs who competed on the show, she disappointed him the most.

The very next day, Jacenko fired back by posting DM screenshots in which Ollerton sang a very different tune.

Now, during her very real and not at all staged jaunt to the wheelie bin, Roxy Jacenko has commented further on the SAS drama.

“Why did he have to say I was ‘horrid’ and a ‘disappointment’?” she began. “The day I left [the show], within minutes of getting off the course, I got a message saying, ‘Can you work for me?’ and that I did a good job despite my injuries. [He hasn’t sent me his business pitch yet] but I’ll tell him to go shove it up his fucking jumper.” WOOF.

She went on to say that “it’s not all about a media mention,” adding “say what you think, and that’s what I’ve lived by my whole life. You call it like you see it. If I had my time again, I wouldn’t have done the show because I wasn’t in the shape to do it.”

The PR boss also said she’s “still getting trolled” but is proud that she “showed up and tried.”

“I work with the mentality that if you sign up, you do it. The same for when I had cancer, I still came to work every day,” she said.

Roxy Jacenko went on to discuss the “mud being slung” at her “every day” since joining the show.

“I guess it’s because we’ve never seen anything like it before,” she said. “This is not a reality show in terms of what we’re used to as ‘reality’ – this is actual reality. This is, what I think, Australia’s first actual reality show. And that’s why the mud is being slung every day. We were all put into an environment, and speaking for myself, that wasn’t what I thought it would be like.”

Catch the carnival of crazy for yourself below: