Roxy Jacenko Savaged Candice Warner After Warner Said Nice Things About Her (???) On The Radio

Poo jogger victim and PR tycoon Roxy Jacenko is still publicly getting stuck into her former mate and ex-client, ironwoman Candice Warner, after their biff and subsequent falling out on SAS Australia which aired almost a month ago.

The show’s first quitter doubled down on Warner on Wednesday after Warner went on the radio and said nice things about Jacenko. Go figure.

“Someone who carries on punching you when your back is turned, and then sacks you some two weeks later as management after four years of hard work and support would need to be delusional to think I would want to be friends,” Jacenko told the Daily Mail Australia.

“She might be hard up for friends and accept people doing that to her, but that’s not a friend I’m interested in keeping.”

It’s the same story we’ve been hearing from Jacenko since October, so clearly she’s still really upset by the whole thing.

Although the comments aren’t completely out of the blue – after all, Warner had been on KIIS FM just hours earlier and spoke briefly about Jacenko – they do seem lowkey unprovoked and perhaps even petty.

“It’s really sad and I’m so disappointed by the whole thing,” Warner told Kyle and Jackie O on Wednesday morning.

“I’d never want to lose a friend over something like this and it’s very sad and I’m sorry that she feels this way.”

Those are the words of a mature adult who seems to be trying to deescalate the beef as much as possible, which can’t be said for Jacenkno.

There’s more. Later on in the interview, Warner called Jacenko “a good person” with “a great family”.

“There’s nothing wrong with Roxy,” she added. Scandalous.

In all, the Roxy Jacenko saga took up about two minutes of Candice Warner’s 20-minute-long interview, and nothing ill was said.

It just the latest chapter in an increasingly drawn-out beef that’s becoming more and more bizarre by the week which, for us, makes it more and more wild to follow.