The Paddington Poo Jogger Has Reportedly Been Identified After Roxy Jacenko’s Public Plea

Poo Jogger versus Jacenko.

The mystery of the ages has reportedly been solved: Roxy Jacenko has discovered the identity of the poo jogger who has been defecating throughout Paddington.

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The ‘Paddington Pooper’ saga was featured on A Current Affair last week and concluded with host Tracy Grimshaw telling viewers the mystery blonde has been identified, but that her name has yet to be made public.

Grimshaw claims the woman tried to hide her identity by “deleting her social media accounts” after the PR juggernaut shared security footage of the gross act in a public plea for assistance.

“We’ve been told the alleged offender has deleted all her social media accounts to avoid her activewear being recognised,” Grimshaw said, signing off a segment aptly titled ‘Roxy’s Pooper Problem’.

A friend of the jogger recently came forward to discuss her current mental state, telling the hosts of the Shameless podcast that she is “not doing well.”

“I actually know this woman and she’s not doing well,” says the friend.

“And there is so much more backstory to this footage that you cannot communicate on social media, and if people knew what was going on in this woman’s life they would not be behaving in this way.”

It is not yet known if the identified woman will be charged for the series of incidents.