More Videos Of Travis Kelce Fawning Over Taylor Swift If You Simply Can’t Get Enough Of Them

The chokehold Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have on us is something that needs to be studied, with another video sending fans into a tizzy.

The chokehold Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have on the world is truly something that needs to be studied, with even more videos of the pair at a concert sending fans into a tizzy.

The frenzy really kicked off after one particularly video in which Swift and Kelce packed on the PDA, and since then fans haven’t been able to get enough.

Kelce attended Swift’s second Eras Tour concert in Argentina on Saturday night when eagle-eyed fans captured videos of his reaction to her signature steamy dance to “Vigilante Shit”. From multiple angles. Because that’s Swifties for you.

In one video, Kelce looks positively mesmerised (well, at least that’s what I gleaned from the grainy footage) as he sways slowly to the beat of the song. It’s like Swift is a snake charmer and he’s a hypnotised cobra.

In other videos, Kelce can be seen singing along and waving his hands in the air.

The videos come after Swift was spotted launching herself into Kelce’s arms after a concert, full cheesy-rom com style.

The moment sent fans feral, given how sweet it is, and how much of a supportive himbo Kelce appears to be.

I have genuinely been ruminating on what it is about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift that has everyone frothing at the mouth, as someone who is yet to be fully drawn into the fever around these two.

We all know Swifties love a parasocial relationship (who doesn’t?), but it feels like there’s more to it than that (and no, I’m not referring to those wild conspiracy theories).

My theory is that, for fans, watching the relationship between Swift and Kelce unfold almost feels like watching a TV show about a high school romance where the two stars are your favourite celebrities.

Swift and Kelce have huge quarterback and cheerleader energy, and the giddy teen crush energy they exhibit — look at all that giggling and grinning — is super sweet and nostalgic.

Pair that with Kelce also having courted Swift so publicly, and Swift not having had a very public relationship for a while, and you’ve got a literal storyline. Which is only given further depth when you know of Swift’s history of exes and are rooting for her to find The One.

All that’s left is the footage — which, as you can see, fans have in the bucketloads. Really, we’re watching a (very compartmentalised) movie of real people, like those “part 37” TikTok snippets of popular shows.

And it looks like people are hooked.

Marcelo Endelli/TAS23/Getty Images