Swifties Are Swooning Over Travis Kelce’s ‘Nickname’ For Taylor Swift & It’s Not That Deep

Swifties have gone full goblin mode after Travis Kelce “revealed” his nickname for girlfriend and superstar Taylor Swift, and babes, it’s not even that creative!!!

A lot of folks have been jumping on the KelceXSwift bandwagon lately. I’m not even Swiftie, but their lovey-dovey antics over the Eras Tour have been quite cute. However, some fans might’ve taken their obsession with the relationship overboard.

In a recent episode of the New Heights podcast, which is hosted by Kelce and his brother Jason Kelce, Travis gave a short and sweet shoutout to his celebrity GF after she liked a post that recognised a new record he broke in his NFL career.

I’m not gonna sit here and try to explain what the milestone is, but according to the IG post, it was something about “becoming the fastest tight end to reach 11,000 receiving yards”, as per Page Six. Travis, Taylor or any NFL fans, if you’re reading this, I am so sorry!!

After the accomplishment was brought up on the pod, Jason noted that Taylor liked a Kansas City Chief’s IG post about Travis, to which he replied, “Thanks, Tay”.

“I appreciate you on the Chiefs page supporting,” he continued.

Just a quick side-note: I didn’t think Travis would sound like that, even though the man literally has had a reality TV show before T-Swizzle and all that media stuff… His brother sounds so adorable, tho. Like UwU “Taylor liked ur post hehe” vibes. I love it.

Back to the topic at hand, ever since Travis name dropped his alleged “nickname” for Taylor, the Swifites have taken it and gone full chaos mode — kinda like how he was spotted singing along to Tay’s songs during the Buenos Aires leg of the Eras Tour.

Here are some of the chaotic reactions to Travis’ reported pet name for his lover:

One fan even took the opportunity for a new Taylor Swift fan edit. Not gonna lie, it’s the perfect audio clip for one.

Personally, I don’t think the alleged “nickname” is swoon-worthy. It’s literally Taylor Swift’s name shortened, and doesn’t everyone call her Tay or Tay Tay already?

I’m not here to yuck people’s yum when it comes to Stan culture — a) because I am scared of stans and b) being a Nicki Minaj Barb, I understand — but I really don’t think Travis saying “Tay” is that deep. I reckon that’s just Travis’ way of not overly gushing about his GF on the pod.

Although I’m not the biggest Travis and Taylor fan, I think they’re so sweet, and it’s lovely revisiting their cute moments on the Eras Tour.

I also love Taylor’s WAG (that’s for wife or girlfriend of a sports player) era.

Hope they are the long game!

Image source: Getty Images / Gotham/GC