It’s Been One Day & Taylor Swift Fans Have Already Resurfaced Suss Footage Of Her New Man

taylor swift and travis kelce

Taylor Swift fans are truly a force to be reckoned with, as her alleged new boo Travis Kelce is discovering. Swifties have unearthed an old video of the NFL star and I can’t decide if it’s icky or not.

The video in question is a 2016 episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, which he appeared on while promoting his dating show Catching Kelce. Which, by the way, involved 50 women from 50 states in the US vying for his love. Dear lord. But, I digress.

In the video, Real Housewives Of New York City alum Ramona Singer asked him a bunch of questions about his dating deal breakers.

Of course, Ramona had to ask him about… oral sex, lol.

When she asked Travis how he would feel about a girl who doesn’t really like to give oral sex, he said it “sounds like a deal breaker to me”.

That’s all fine I suppose, but then Travis revealed that if a woman hasn’t slept with him by the third date, “that’s the breaker right there”.

Again, his choice, but why is this giving me the ick?

Travis’ other dating deal breakers included not liking girls who are “obsessed” with selfies, but don’t worry, at least he’s fine with fake boobs. Thanks so much, king.

Okay, maybe my cynicism is harsh, but there’s just something about the discussion of selfies and women not “putting out” or whatever that irks me.

But hey, he’s definitely a step above Matty Healy at least, right?

ICYMI, rumours that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are dating have been swirling for some time now.

It all goes back to when Kelce complained on his podcast that he was a bit “butthurt” that he went to an Eras concert but couldn’t meet Taylor to hand her a friendship bracelet he made with his number on it (omg).

Fast forward through all the other rumours and interviews, and she was later spotted with Travis’ mum at one of his games, wearing his teams colours — even though his isn’t the team she usually supports. Tea!

Anyway, people are pretty certain the two are now a thing, but I suppose there is always the slight chance they’re just besties?

But let’s be real, no one believes that.