Feeling Off Today? That’s ‘Cos There’s A Solar Eclipse So Here’s What It Means & How To See It

Eclipse Season has arrived and as any astrology lover worth their Himalayan salt will tell you, it’s a pretty freaking big deal.

Just like Mercury Retrograde and the astrological seasons (Aries Season, Taurus Season, Gemini Season etc), Eclipse Season impacts us earthlings in various ways.

Here’s everything you need to know about Eclipse Season.

How to see the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse in Australia

At around 11.30am, the Eclipse will be visible but only to the North West Cape, Western Australia, near the town of Exmouth.

It won’t be quite as visible for everyone else — the rest of us will only cop a partial Eclipse in which part of the sun is covered.

ABC News reported that Sydney can expect to see the eclipse at max view at 2:28, Melbourne at 2:09, Hobart at 2:06, Darwin at 1:52, Canberra at 2:22, Brisbane at 2:44 and Adelaide at 1:30pm.

What will happen during the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse?

Eclipse Season has officially begun which means unhinged energy is rampant RN.

Today in particular, as the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse has hit, everyone will be feeling ultra sensitive so be sure to tread lightly with those around you to avoid unnecessary bust-ups.

During this time, Eclipses have been known to spark change and since this one coincides with a New Moon — and not just any New Moon, the first New Moon of the astrological calendar — expect shit to go down.

Your intuition will also be heightened so pay attention to signs that you may be receiving from the universe. Also pay attention to your dreams, more on that later.

What is an Eclipse?

Eclipses are dynamic cosmic events that activate the lunar nodes. Since the south and north nodes, often referred to as the Nodes of Fate, impact our karmic pathway (a.k.a. our destiny – meaning what’s going to happen to us), naturally, this means that the Eclipse is going to send ripples down to earth and cause interesting events.

What happens during Eclipses?

Eclipses spark major changes in the area of your life where that particular Eclipse is occurring. That’s why some years our primary focus will be on relationships, while other years we’re all about werk, werk, werk.

Eclipses tend to speed things up and steer you to the direction you wanna go at a faster pace.

They can also cause wacky-ass shit to occur, which is why we must be vigilant during this time.

What is Eclipse Season?

Eclipse Season is a one-month period in which Eclipses hit, sparking all kinds of energies on earth.

Each year, there are between three and seven Eclipses, which often occur in clusters.

What’s the difference between a Lunar Eclipse and a Solar Eclipse?

Solar Eclipses kickstart new beginnings and bring forth unexpected opportunities. But on the flip side, they can also affect our relationships with others. So beware of how you’re communicating during this time.

For many people, Solar Eclipses are when we realise we need more than what we’re currently receiving.

Meanwhile Lunar Eclipses are a time of reflection and realisation. During this time, we will have many epiphanies that will help us to understand WTF is going on.

The problem is, when we look in the mirror and realise what’s really happening, we may not always like what we see. Therein lies the trickiness of Eclipse Season.

With that said, by seeing things for how they really are, at least we can now begin the process of acceptance and moving on. Use this time to release neggo energy and bad vibes.

Does the Eclipse impact my dreams?

Oh yeah, mate!

Have you been having cooked dreams lately? Maybe even nightmares?

This is because the eclipse has unlocked the gateway to the spiritual realm and all kinds of messages are coming to you from the universe.

Never ignore your dreams, especially the bonkers ones and especially if they’re recurring.

When we dream, we have the ability to tap into our innate psychic abilities and so we receive divine messages that we’re meant to analyse.

These interpretations could provide the answers to your IRL issues and maybe even predict upcoming events.

What should I avoid doing during Eclipse Season?

Charge your crystals or manifest: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT manifest or charge shit during the evenings of the Eclipses.

Why? Well, because Eclipse energy is erratic, chaotic and unpredictable, and you absolutely do not want to draw those vibes in or allow your precious crystals to absorb its harshness. May as well bathe ’em in battery acid.

Instead of manifesting, charging and empowering, this is a time to cleanse, ground, and centre yourself and release neggo energy and bad vibes (which is alllllll around right now, lemme tell ya).

Save those positive affirmations and manifestations for when the Eclipse’s erratic energy has dispersed.

Tell your secrets to untrustworthy folks: Eclipses also have a way of bringing things to the surface that you’d hoped had stayed buried, so be careful of unwanted tea being spilled. Double check all texts, edit yourself before speaking, be careful who you tell your secrets to, etc etc.

Cast rituals: Here’s a bunch of rituals that’ll come in handy during this time!

Eclipse Season ends with the Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 8.

What are the 2023 Eclipse dates?

Aries Solar Eclipse on April 20.

Scorpio Lunar Eclipse May 5-6.

Libra Solar Eclipse October 14.

Taurus Lunar Eclipse on October 28-29.

Good luck, witches.