Your Horos Are Here: Taurus Will Have The Opportunity To Set Themselves Up For A Sick 2021

The sixth and final eclipse of 2020 occurs this week, which spells chaos for a bunch of signs, particularly Pisces, but interestingly, it brings party vibes for quirky Aquarius peeps. Settle in and suss what the stars have in store for you this week…

Welcome to Your Horos Are HerePEDESTRIAN.TV’s new weekly horoscope series. Every Sunday night, we’ll be looking to the week ahead and seeing what those chaotic mistresses of the sky have in store for us – and by us, we mean you.


The concept of finance and lurve will intersect this week as love planet Venus enters your eighth house. Committed Aries peeps will find yourselves very involved in your boo’s dollarydoos, whether this is by advising them on how to curb their silly szn spending or by lending them some $$$. For single Aries peeps, this could manifest itself in the whole first date bill debate or even something as simple as choosing whether to dine at a lush restaurant or somewhere more low-key. If anyone knows how to set boundaries, it’s an Aries, so I trust that you’ll make the right decision.


Expect the unexpected as Saturn leaves your ninth house, after spending two whole years stationed there, and enters your 10th house on the 18th, meanwhile Jupiter moves into your 10th house on the 20th. WTAF does this all mean? Well, it means you’re in a unique position for some major career development that could set you on an epic path for 2021. Don’t expect it to fall into your lap – you’ll need to get off your Taurean toosh and grab that bull by the horns (geddit? ‘Cos your symbol is the bull?).


Uh oh, looks like your relationship is about to be put through the ringer, otherwise known as the eclipse as the sixth and final one of the year occurs on the 14th in your seventh house of love. Don’t freak out, these so-called ‘tests’ are necessary. If your other half / the person you’ve been dating is meant to be, they’ll pass with flying colours. If not, well, the stars are saving you a helluva lot of time. Students can expect some annoying lil disruptions so be sure to double triple-check everything before handing it in.


Ooh boi, this is a big week for you (astrologically), Cancer. Two big planets that have been causing you chaos for years will shuffle out of the negative place and into a positive one. Saturn, your love planet, moves in Aquarius on the 18th, and Jupiter, your health planet, also heads there on the 20th. Therefore, you can expect good times to roll starting now in the way of lurve and health, two areas you’ve long been struggling with. Soak up the good shit, bb. You deserve it!


The final eclipse of 2020 occurs on the 14th in your fifth house, which, long story short, means it’s best that you lay low this week and avoid outings where possible. I know the idea of hiding out during party season is literal hell for a Leo, but the eclipse could cause an unfortunate incident like, say, running into your toxic ex or spending way too much dollarydoos at the bar. Meanwhile, planetary movement will have you feeling v. tired, especially with everything going on right now, so a lil downtime isn’t such a bad idea.


The silly szn has arrived and with the stress of buying gifts, planning parties and just being on top of your shit, as Virgos love to do, there’s bound to be some friction. The solar eclipse on the 14th occurs in your fourth house, which spells fam drama. Ugh. Try and give your loved ones a break, even when they’re really getting your goat, as Kim Craig (née Day) of Kath & Kim would say. As much as you’d love to plan the entire family Chrissy dins yourself, relinquishing the reins to mum would keep the peace and make her year, so ya may as well just give the baby her bottle.


Wait, is Mercury Retrograde back? AGAIN? No, but it’s sure as shit gonna feel like it as the eclipse hits on the 14th in your third house, which, much like Merc Retro, causes all technology to go awry. Make sure you’re allowing extra time when travelling, saving your draft document as you go along, and have a mate proof-read your risky text before sending. Also, Venus is in your money house on the 15th which usually indicates a lush new purchase. Eh, fuck it, it’s Christmas.


You’ll finally reclaim some financial freedom this week for several reasons. First up, there’s the solar eclipse occurring on the 14th in your money house, plus your financial planet changes on the 20th, shifting your attitude from tight with spending to having the ability to throw dollar, dollar bills in the air. Interestingly, the eclipse also brings some kind of career shift for you. There’ll be a shakeup at work, so buckle up, bb.


It’s still your szn so you’re living your best life no matter what, BUT be warned that the eclipse on the 14th will summon some shit talk about you that may temporarily get you down. But being a strong-willed Sagi, I know you’ll nip that BS in the bud and go on a fun adventure that takes your mind off the negativity. The eclipse also impacts Neptune, your fam planet, so there’ll be a touch of chaos there but, I mean, when isn’t there?


Capricorns are generally pretty level-headed people who know what they want when they want it and nothing can change that. Well, nothing except for the solar eclipse on the 14th that occurs in your 12th house and changes the way you think about something / see someone. Don’t be closed off to this new point of view. Eclipses are meant to test us and shake things up and even though navigating your way through that can be tricky, you may end up happier in the long run as a result of the current chaos.


Aquarius folk sure do love to do things differently, including how they tackle eclipses ‘cos the one on the 14th is actually going to be a positive one for you. Yep, leave it to the water-bearer sign to be having a party while everyone else is living out a chaotic nightmare (big 2020 energy, amirite?). After a period of downtime and loneliness, you’ll finally reconnect with your fam and friends, which is huge ‘cos feeling a sense of community is everything to you.


Although you find change to be clunky and annoying, as a water sign, you have a natural adaptability about you, so don’t freak out with what you’re about to read, aight? So basically the eclipse on the 14th will herald some major changes for you, perhaps more so than any other sign, so please be kind to yourself and allow yourself to go through the motions and experience what needs to be experienced. Change is coming and it gon’ be good. P.S. expect financial upturn on the 15th, thanks to old m8 Mars.