Your Horos Are Here: It’s Time For Aries Peeps To Do Some Self-Reflection & See What’s Hiding

This week, Mercury forms a trine with forward-thinking Uranus and opposes Neptune in Pisces on August 21. Since Mercury is the planet of communication, treat this almost like a mini-Mercury Retrograde.

Read on for specifics…


Sometimes when we do self-reflection, we find stuff that we didn’t even know was there. This is what’ll happen this week as Venus forms a trine with adventurous Jupiter in your sign on August 18, uncovering hidden shit that you need to deal with ASAP.


Expect a major penny drop moment when Mercury in Virgo forms a trine with Uranus in Taurus on August 16, bringing some much needed clarity to a certain sitch and helping you steer your way through it.


You’ll be feeling fiery energy next week and not just because it’s Leo season, but also because Mars enters your sign on August 20. Channel this passion to rip the band-aid off a certain sitch.


All that hustling you’ve been doing lately will start to pay off next week as Venus enters your second house of dollarydoos on August 18. You’re bloody killing it, mate!


You’re a year older now (or at least almost there) so next week, make yourself a promise to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. Venus in your sign will give you the inspiration you need to break free of your anxious shackles and level up.


Virgos generally have excellent comprehension, but around August 21, make sure you get all the facts before you act ‘cos some misunderstandings and miscommunications might cause unnecessary drama.


The last few weeks have felt rather heavy for you and I’m happy to report that this week you’ll be able to take a breath. When your ruling planet Venus forms a trine with Jupiter in Aries, expect good vibes in all your relationships.


We’re usually told to trust our instincts and never second guess them but you may have to this week as communication planet Mercury goes against Neptune and creates confusion. Your judgement is a little off right now so take a breather before doing anything.


Tap into that Leo season energy and have a fabulous week, Venus and Jupiter said so! In particular, you’re encouraged to have a good time with someone else, whether that’s a partner, someone you’re dating, someone new or a close mate.


Life’s too damn short to keep your feelings bottled up. This week, as Venus forms a trine with Jupiter in your third house of communication on August 18, release the fear of embarrassment and just bloody tell them how you’re feeling!


This week is all about healing festering wounds that you have yet to tend to. Whatever your preferred form of healing is, please do it ASAP or you’ll never start to feel better.


No one should ever tell your story but you, Pisces. This week, when you feel a certain narrative slip away from you, don’t be afraid to reclaim it and speak your truth.

Matty Galea is the Senior Entertainment Editor at PEDESTRIAN.TV, as well as our resident astrologer who pens our weekly horoscope series, ‘Your Horos Are Here’. He also Tweets about pop culture and astrology and posts spicy content on Instagram.