Your Horos Are Here: You’ve Been Working Your Fine Ass Off, Libran, And You Deserve A Treat

Bid farewell to ~dreamy~ Pisces season and HELLO to get-shit-done Aries season which kicks off on Saturday, March 20. A major planetary shift is on its way, folks.


Aries season has arrived and it’s your time to shine, mate! This Saturday, March 20, the Sun officially moves into Aries, which is gonna be an absolute cracker of a time for ya. On Sunday, March 21, the stars say to keep your eyes peeled for possible ~romantic~ gestures as Venus hooks up with Aries until April 14, making you absolutely irresistible to literally everyone.


Ooft, you’re gonna love this one, Taurus: You’ve been running yourself ragged lately and it’s time to slow the fuck down and rest (it’s what you do best!). On Saturday, March 20, as Aries season kicks off in your chilled out twelfth house, it will be a time for resting, rejuvenating, healing, and finding closure for whatever’s been plaguing you lately.


The main theme of this week is, as Rihanna put it, “work, work, work, work, work.” You’ll have the power to bash out that ‘yuge work project in spectacular fashion. Then when the weekend rolls ’round and the Sun enters Aries in your eleventh house of collaboration, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with some much-needed fun times.


You’ve spent the bulk of Pisces season cultivating your dreamz and big-picture ideas and now that it’s ending and level-headed Aries season is arriving, it’s time to make cutthroat decisions and decide which grand plans are worth pursuing and which ones just aren’t feasible. Then after your week of conquering shit, the weekend brings forth hella fun opportunities.


Travel is barely on the cards for us at the mo, but according to the stars, you’ll be bitten by the travel bug this week and a sick-ass adventure will ensue (could be anything from going ‘fuck it, let’s book a flight!’ to planning a short but sweet weekend road trip). With romance planet Venus moving into Aries on Sunday, March 21, you’ll find yourself attracted to someone who has the potential to open you up to a whole new world.


This whole month has revolved around your relationships, you can blame sappy and emotional Pisces season on that one, and now that it’s coming to an end as Aries season rolls around, it’s time to close the loop on whatever emotional matters are still up in the air. The stars encourage you to let your guard down and be vulnerable (for once in your life, FFS), especially around Saturday, March 20, as the Sun enters Aries, which is a time for relinquishing some control in order to strengthen your bonds.


You’ve spent most of this month getting your life in order, which is great (especially bc you spend so much bloody time procrastinating to avoid making a damn decision), but after a while, all that hard work can feel like quite a slog, can’t it? Like you’re on a big ol’ hamster wheel with no end in sight. Well, this Saturday, March 20, as the Sun enters Aries and electrifies your seventh house of partnerships for a month, you’ll finally start to see some light at the end of the tunnel and you’ll have a certain someone to thank for that. Hell yeah!


The week kicks off with a wild start which I absolutely love for you bc you defs needa let off some steam, but later in the week, you’ll need to carve out some time to get shit done. On Saturday, March 20, the Sun enters Aries and settles into your sixth house of organisation and wellness so use this time to get things in order and focus on your greater goals. Keep your eyes on the prize, doll (but have an absolute BALL along the way).


On Saturday, March 20, the Sun exits Pisces and enters Aries, illuminating your fifth house of self-expression, a topic I know you’re deeply passionate about. Then on Sunday, March 21, lurve planet Venus joins the Sun in Aries and your spicy fifth house, which means you won’t be able to control your rampant horniness. Enjoy yourself, queen ;).


Have you been hibernating lately, Cap? Well, with Pisces season ending and Aries season beginning this week, planetary energy encourages you to remain in your protective cocoon ‘cos you’re not done rejuvenating quite yet. For the next few weeks, your main focus will be on your domestic and fam life. Pay attention to any and all matters of home and hearth, particularly where your loved ones are involved.


A major planetary shift is on its way as the Sun leaves Pisces and enters Aries, firing up your collaborative third house. Expect loads of group occasions, be it work / uni related, fam events or even just fun times on the weekend with mates. Then on Sunday, March 21, as love planet Venus joins the Sun in Aries, your love life will be ~illuminated~ and you’ll be feeling like that Sailor Moon gif ^.


Alrighty, Pisces, your szn is officially coming to an end this week which means playtime is over. Don’t fret, you always knew this time had to come and the time is NOW. Aries season appears in your second house of career and dollar, dollar bills, which means you need to start thinking practically about both your work and financial sitch.