Your Horos Are Here: Virgo Bbs Like To Have Things In Order But This Week Try Being Chaotic

Aries Season is here in full force and everyone’s feeling fiery! Read on to suss your horoscope for the week ahead…


It’s your season, baby! And this week in particular, you’ll feel extremely on your shit. You’ve been floundering a bit lately, but when the year’s only New Moon in Aries rises on March 31 and your ruler Mars travels with bb Venus, you’ll be feeling yourself and maybe even someone else, if ya catch my drift.


The New Moon in Aries on March 31 wants you to think outside your stubborn Taurean box and find new ways to not just unwind, but expand your mind as well. Start looking into things like yoga, reiki, sound healing, perhaps even something mystical like tarot to find meaning and enlightenment. The answers you seek will be found in unconventional places!


As the month comes to a close, it’s out with the old and in with the new as you’ll find yourself searching for new beginnings in the way of friendship and community. Around the New Moon in Aries on March 31, expect to meet new friends, rekindle your relationship with lost friends, or perhaps you’ll join a new team or community.


This week you’ll find yourself asking the big questions like ‘Am I really happy at work?’ and ‘What do I want my reputation / legacy to be?’ For a pensive Cancerian, this isn’t exactly unusual, but with the New Moon in Aries hitting on March 31, there’s powerful energy in the air so now might be the time to get the wheels in motion for that fresh start you’ve been dreaming of.


With bold fire sign energy in the air, you’re encouraged to do something that would make your therapist pleased with you (if you have a therapist, that is – and if not, pls get one!). The New Moon in Aries hits on March 31 and around this time, do something that might tick some people off but is good for Y-O-U and, most importantly, your mental health.


Feeling a lil sluggish? Like you’ve not quite reached your full potential? As the month comes to an end on Thursday, March 31, coinciding with the Aries New Moon, do something bold! Whether that be changing your lewk, joining a new team, or finally telling someone to fuck right off.


This should come as no surprise to you, my dreamy love-sick Libran babes, but March will end with your head up in the clouds, thinking about your love life. As the New Moon in Aries hits on March 31, you’re encouraged to have a think about what you want your love life to be like, whether that’s hitting refresh on a relationship and / or finding a new one.


Is there a health issue you’ve been ignoring? Mercury, the messenger of the gods, moved into Aries this week and it’s encouraging you to look after yourself. Over the next week, be sure you’re doing just that. Get enough sleep, stay away from bad stuff like booze etc, get back into your workout / wellness routines, and, most importantly, book in an appointment with your therapist!


Your powers of persuasion are peaking right now, so if there’s someone you need to bend to your will and give you something you’ve been longing for, now would be the time to ask for it! While your charisma is at an all-time high, be sure to use your powers for good, not evil (no matter how tempting the other option may be).


It’s time to treat yo’self, Capricorn! Nup, no excuses. You’re doing it – the stars say you have to! The New Moon in Aries rises on  Thursday, March 31 and the general theme is rewarding yourself for all your discipline and hard work by splurging and dropping some dollars on yourself. Enjoy!


I feel like my quirky Aquarian kings and queens have pretty much done it all, but I’m sure y’all don’t see it that way as your brain is always mulling over what you have yet to do. This week, as March comes to an end and the New Moon in Aries on March 31 brings in new energy, do something you’ve never done before, but always wanted.


This week you’ll have the rare chance to improve your financial sitch, whether it’s by asking for a promotion, avoiding huge spending, or working over time to earn more cashola. It’s all thanks to the New Moon in Aries which rises on Thursday, March 31, bringing dollarydoos to all my Piscean peeps.

Matty Galea is the Senior Entertainment Editor at PEDESTRIAN.TV, as well as our resident astrologer who pens our weekly horoscope series, ‘Your Horos Are Here’. He also Tweets about pop culture and astrology and posts spicy content on Instagram.