Your Horos Are Here: Ghosts From Your Past Will Return, Taurus, So Just Tackle ‘Em Head-On

Gemini Season has just begun so start sipping that tea. Meanwhile Mercury Retrograde continues and you’ll likely be spilling tea all over your fucken self.

Read on to suss your horoscope for next week…


I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but you are destined for greatness! All Aries are, for that matter. And on May 24, as your ruling planet Mars enters your sign and gives you a gorgeous boost of power, purpose and energy, you’ll feel more inspired than ever to kick butt and take names.


That damn Mercury Retrograde is sending you for a tailspin, particularly when it comes to communicating with others. This week, it’s going to do that shitty thing it does by sending ghosts from your past back to haunt you. By the weekend, you’ll want nothing more than to nestle up at home in your protective fortress, free from the perils of the outside world.


It’s your time to shine, baby! Gemini Season has arrived so stop pouting and celebrate everything that you are (rather than focusing on everything that you’re not!). If you’ve been feeling down on yourself, it’s because Mercury retrograde is backing into your 12th house of introspection and your sense of self is a little off RN. Channel the energy of your spiritual season and reinvigorate your lust for life.


You’ve got a real aura of success about you this week as Mars recently entered your career sector and gave you the power to kill it in all your endeavours. Mercury is still retrograde, so make sure to triple check literally everything before hitting send and, of course, be careful with how you communicate with others. If someone’s ticking you off, take a few deep breaths before responding with a spicy message.


If you’ve had a few career setbacks lately, don’t let your Leo pride be wounded. It’s Mercury Retrograde, after all, and all kinds of shit is going down cosmically. But just on an emotional level, the world is on fire right now so of course you’re not on top of your game! And honestly, sometimes setbacks aren’t even your fault! It’s just wrong place, wrong time. Pick yourself back up and go for gold!


You’ve got your sights set on something and the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Aries on May 29 will assist big time. You’re in a period where you’re setting goals and making plans to get you to the finish line. Eyes on the prize, bb.


Gemini Season has just kicked off and since you’re a Libra, that air sign energy is doing wonders for you. That someone you’ve been crushing on will finally make the next move – either that or you will. There’s also endless possibilities in the way of werk. You can achieve anything you set your mind to this week!


Old friends and exes are popping up out of nowhere at the mo due to that dreaded Mercury Retrograde. Whatever you do, try not to get sucked back into their clutches. You legit do not have time for that BS because on May 29, a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Aries will light a fire under your Scorpio ass and prompt you to get shit done. She’s booked and busy!


Things might be abject fucking chaos right now, but if there’s one thing Sagittarius peeps are good at, it’s seeing the light in the darkest of times. This week, you’ll see the world from a different angle than everyone else. Not only will you be v optimistic, but you’ll even find ways to channel the chaos into something creative.


This week is all about your home, the folks you live with and / or your fam. Are there any changes you’ve been planning on making? Whether it be edits to the house, a move, or an important convo with a housemate? Now would be the time to do it!


Are you resentful about something? Over the next week, please air those resentments (tactfully!) before they eat you alive. By May 29, you may feel inspired to take the reins on an important project. Fuck it, just do it!


This week, Mercury Retrograde will be hitting you BIG TIME with misunderstandings, errors in messages, ghosts from your past, transport delays, fucked up technology, etc. Just slow the fuck down and run at your own pace to avoid screwing things up.

Matty Galea is the Senior Entertainment Editor at PEDESTRIAN.TV, as well as our resident astrologer who pens our weekly horoscope series, ‘Your Horos Are Here’. He also Tweets about pop culture and astrology and posts spicy content on Instagram.