All The Sentimental OGs & New Recruits You Can Expect To See On Big Brother: Back To The Future

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Big Brother: Back To The Future saw a whole host of original Big Brother contestants return to the house to compete against a bunch of new Housemates. And hold the fkn door because Australia’s own Romeo and Juliet were reunited.

That’s right. Big Brother 2013 stars Tully Smyth and Anthony Drew returned to the show in the same season.

Meet The New & Returning Big Brother 2022 Housemates

The Big Brother house played host to a who’s-who of the show’s 21-year legacy. Everyone from Big Brother 2003 winner Reggie Bird to eternal ratbag Tim Dormer made their way back to Big Brother’s game.

These OGs joined Tully and Drew in the house — which caused as much chaos as you can imagine — and saw them battling it out in their alliance against the “newbies”.

So who are the new Big Brother contestants? We saw challenge beasts like Joel, superfan Johnson and intimacy coach Sam (who was confronted with her own intimacy ghosts) among the new players of BB’s game.

Which past Big Brother Housemates made the cut?

Smyth and Drew were joined by six other legendary former housemates as well as five newbies.

The Big Brother royals included Smyth, Drew, Big Brother 2013 winner Tim Dormer, Farmer Dave Graham from 2003, 2004 winner Trevor Butler, 2012 runner-up Layla Subritzky and her co-star Estelle Landy as well as 2003 Big Brother winner Reggie Bird.

“This may be a new game but I’m still the same old Reggie,” Bird said in the trailer for the new season of Big Brother Australia.

New Big Brother 2022 contestants

The OGs were joined by five new Big Brother contestants. They included superfan Johnson, entrepreneur Aleisha, intimacy coach Sam, ex-international model Josh and fitness king Joel.

The So Dramatic! podcast first revealed the season was in the works back in October 2021. Host Megan Pustetto claimed Reggie, Tim and Tully had signed on for the Big Brother season.

“It’s mainly new contestants with a scattering of some of the most iconic Big Brother Housemates mixed in,” Seven’s Director of Content Scheduling Brook Hall told TV Tonight in March.

“There’s a clever way that they’re all brought in…. they enter with a different point of view to the rest of them. That’s all I can say on that one.”

Have a peek at the full cast trailer for Big Brother: Back to the Future.

Seven started to drop sneak peek videos with returning housemates in late April so we could meet them all over again ahead of their trip back to the Big Brother house.

First up was 2003 winner Reggie, who said Big Brother “changed her life” and opened up about going blind in the years after her big win.

“I’ve lost all my peripheral vision, I have no night vision,” she said.

“I could wake up tomorrow and it’s gonna be gone.”

She said she’s still the same fighter and “battler” that Australia met and loved 19 years ago, and said Big Brother is still in her blood after all the years away.

The other Big Brother housemates reintroduced are none other than our fave ultimate showmance — Tully and Drew — who look like they haven’t aged a day since 2013.

Big Brother Intruders

It wouldn’t be a season of Big Brother without some intruders thrown into the mix, would it? Of course not.

Bif Brother 2022 saw Jules and Brenton enter the house later in the game if only to spice things up a bit.

As soon as the two intruders came into the BB house they felt they needed to join an existing alliance or be immediately evicted. Jules found support with the OGs while Brenton sided with the newbies — which had varying results for both housemates.

Your refresher on the Tully and Drew Big Brother love story saga

In case you missed their season, Tully and Drew were a controversial couple on the show. Tully was dating a woman outside of the show but she fell for Drew inside the Big Brother house.

Tully was voted off the show before Drew. But in a wild twist of producer shenanigans, she was brought back into the Big Brother house during a game where contestants had to stay frozen in place and not react to anything that happened.

She walked up to Drew and whispered “I’m single” in his ear before kissing him and leaving.

Tully and Drew were one of the It Couples on reality TV at the time. The Domenica Calarco and Jack Millar of the early 2010s, perhaps?

The pair were inseparable at the Big Brother reunion but split a year after the season aired in 2013. Big Brother 2022 is the first time the two have been on-screen together since. So yeah, it’s a pretty big deal for the Big Bros in the chat.

The spiciest bit though? Sam — one of the fresh-faced Big Brother housemates — became Drew’s girlfriend in the first week of the show.

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The devil works hard but Anthony Drew works harder and faster.

“He doesn’t stay single for long,” Tully quipped in the teaser video.

But it seems like Drew and Sam don’t last the test of time, if these spicy Instagram story screenshots are anything to go by.

There’s also another new teaser trailer for the upcoming season and it looks like things are gonna get pretty wild — just how Big Brother likes it.

Big Brother is on Channel 7 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights and you can catch up on 7Plus.