Big Brother’s Tully & Drew Weigh In On Rumours Of An ‘Explosive Fight’ That Was Cut From The Show

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

When iconic reality TV exes Tully Smyth and Drew Anthony were reunited on this year’s Big Brother, folks were anticipating fireworks.

And while there certainly was tension, according to a sneaky source, things were more tense than we saw.

In the latest ep of the So Dramatic! podcast, a Big Brother insider alleged that there were some arguments that went down between the iconic exes that were so wild, they’d make MAFS “look tame.”

“Producers decided to edit it down and almost didn’t play any of it,” the source said, adding that they had to “cut the main stuff out because it would make her look so bad”.

“It was gross,” the source said.

We reached out to both Tully and Drew and they both called BS on the claims.

“There was absolutely no such fight,” Tully told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“We bickered and argued (like any exes stuck living in confined spaces would!) but there was never a big blow up of any kind. And you can ask any other ACTUAL housemate, rather than some ‘mystery unnamed source’.”

She added, “Do you really think if there was some explosive fight, Channel 7 wouldn’t have aired that? They would have made a big fancy trailer teasing it for days! Cue snippets of me crying from multiple angles. They would have milked it!”

“It didn’t happen. Plain and simple,” she concluded.

Drew concurred with Tully’s statement, telling us: “I think we all know exes shouldn’t live together but no, this didn’t happen.”

That’s not to say that things weren’t awks between the two because as we saw, there was many a tense moment.

Which is clearly what the shady producers were intending when they sent the exes in without letting either one know they’d be living with their former partner.

Speaking on iHeart’s Jase & Lauren, Tully said she was “stitched up” by being invited back to Big Brother alongside her ex and his new boo.

“It absolutely felt like a stitch-up,” she told the radio hosts.

Apparently she had no fucken idea they were gonna be there, so the whole thing must’ve been a nasty shock, hence the tension. But explosive fights? Maybe not.

Big Brother is currently airing on Seven.