Wondering how much the Big Brother cast got paid this year? Welp, apparently it was pretty much peanuts, hence why they were unable to secure some of your fave former cast members for their all-star season.

An insider told So Dramatic! that contestants got paid $120 per day for their time in the Big Brother House.

Back when it was revealed which stars would be returning for the all-star season, there were some notable fan faves absent.

Apparently this is because they asked for big bucks but got a hard no from Seven.

“Everyone who asked for more money got knocked back,” a production insider told the podcast.

Sara-Marie asked for $150K and they said no. Chrissie Swan, Fitzy and Blair all asked for upwards of $200K and they said no as well.

“So only contestants who were willing to do the show for nothing signed on.”

The source added that “the producers are stupid because the money would’ve been worth spending to get these big names on the show. They would’ve boosted ratings significantly.”

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