It looks like Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t just flown Down Under to film Australia’s Got Talent, apparently he had a much bigger production deal with Seven that also included a stint on Celebrity Big Brother, titled Big Brother VIP.

ICYMI: The How I Met Your Mother star was recently yeeted back home after completing his mandatory hotel quarantine to film AGT, which was canned due to COVID.

Now, Fitzy & Wippa have revealed on their NOVA radio show that they’ve been tipped off about who will enter the rumoured Celebrity Big Brother house and apparently NPH is one of the famous faces set to star on the show, alongside a bunch of local stars.

“We’ve heard from a very close source that Jessika Power from MAFS is locked to go into the celebrity Big Brother house,” Sarah McGilvray, who once starred on Big Brother herself, told the radio duo on air.

“I don’t know who’s going in but well I got told is that the cast will blow you away,” she said

“And I’m thinking seriously?” I got told ‘No, don’t think just Australians, think international’.”

Wippa then added, “I can tell you who it is because he came out for Australia’s got talent, that got cut…”

Woman’s Day previously reported that celebs have been frothing to join Celebrity Big Brother.

“Celebrity agents are falling over themselves to cast their talent,” a Big Brother insider told the publication.

“This revamped celebrity format will be on our screens before the end of the year.”

And as for Australia’s Got Talent, TV Blackbox confirmed that Seven has decided to cease fire on production and instead produce extra eps of Big Brother VIP.

If all goes well with COVID, production will resume on AGT in 2022, but there’s no word on whether or not Big Brother VIP has already begun filming.

Has Neil Patrick Harris missed the boat or are they hitting pause until he can returns? Who bloody knows.