Dayum, it’s a big day for leaked reality TV salaries, isn’t it? This morning we found out that Brooke Blurton is copping a cool $250k for her upcoming stint on The Bachelorette and now there are whispers about what Jessika Power is earning for her rumoured appearance on Big Brother VIP.

Apparently the ex Married At First Sight star is copping $20k to star on the revamped celebrity rendition of Big Brother and a source says there’s bound to be a whole lotta drama as her former MAFS co-star and rival, Martha Kalifatidis, raked in more dough for Celebrity Apprentice.

“Jess will be livid to know Martha took home $30,000 for Celeb Apprentice, while she struggled to get $20,000 out of Channel 7,” an insider told New Idea.

Fetch A Pillow To Scream Into As You Read How Much The Big Brother VIP Cast Are Getting Paid

MAFS star Martha Kalifatidis starred in the most recent season of Celebrity Apprentice. (Credit: Nine)

The publication reported that Jessika was all too keen to star on Big Brother VIP as she was inspired by the way Martha was able to change up her image on the celebrity business show.

“Jess has had a reality TV opportunity thrown at her every month for the past year, but for one reason or another they’ve fallen over,” the source said.

“She wants to be the MAFS queen bee!”

Jessika Power is set to star in Big Brother VIP

Jessika Power at the MAFS reunion.

The article also revealed how much Caitlyn Jenner is said to be copping for her appearance on the show. According to the source, she’s scoring $500k for her two-week stint that has caused a whole lotta controversy as people are pissed that she was able to enter the country while so many Aussies are stranded overseas.

And as for Meghan Markle’s brother Thomas Markle Jr, who recently touched down in Australia, he’s said to be copping a three-figure deal.

The report doesn’t mention how much dough was being given (or has been given?) to Katie Hopkins who was yeeted out of the country after acting like an absolute tool in hotel quarantine.

The other ~rumoured~ Big Brother VIP guests include How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris, Vanderpump Rules bloke Jax Taylor and Home & Away lad Lincoln Younes.

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