Big Brother’s Sam Just Obliterated Drew After He Posted That Savage As Hell Instagram Video

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

We’re heading into the tail end of Big Brother Australia 2022 and naturally, everyone’s getting bitchier and spicier than ever.

After Sam Manovski was brutally booted from the house, her ex Anthony “Drew” Drew shared a savage Instagram video celebrating her eviction.

In the footage, which was obtained by So Dramatic!, Drew popped a bottle of champs while watching Sam’s eviction with his rumoured new GF Bianca.

“It’s over,” he said in the Instagram Story, to which she replied: “Finally!”

Have a watch below:

Sam fired back at Drew while speaking to the poddy, saying she reckons she “dodged a bullet.”

“He looks so pathetic right now popping champagne to help appease his new girlfriend’s insecurities,” Sam said. “The reason we didn’t work is that I’m not toxic enough for him.”

“I think Drew wasted so much of my time already… The faster the ‘Drew and Sam show’ is over, the better. It’s my time to shine in my own light and not be overshadowed by an insecure boy.

“I hate the narrative that it’s the woman’s fault or she’s the one who comes off as being a psycho for having STANDARDS. It’s about time to call out men who lie for their shit [sic].”

Sam later shared an inspirational quote to Instagram which fans believe to be a hit at Drew.

“When people no longer have access to you like they once did, you’ll receive two different kinds of responses,” the quote read, which Sam shared from an Instagram called Moon Omens.

“Those who benefited from selfishly draining your spirit will lash out once your energy is no longer available to them.

“Don’t turn the negative, inconsistent vibes of others into an unnecessary obstacle for yourself. Remember who your energy belongs to because it’s not them.”

Oooooft. Spicy!

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