Tully Smyth Reckons She Got ‘Stitched-Up’ On Big Brother By Being Thrown Back In With Her Ex

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Iconique reality TV (ex) lovers Tully Smyth and Anthony Drew reunited at the place it all began on Monday night: the Big Brother House.

Speaking on iHeart’s Jase & Lauren, Tully said she reckons she was “stitched up” by being invited back to Big Brother alongside her ex and his new boo.

“It absolutely felt like a stitch-up,” she told the radio hosts.

Apparently she had no fucken idea they were gonna be there!

Tully said Drew had previously insisted to her that he would never return to the show, which is why she was so stunned to see him.

“He shied away from it and denied his involvement in it,” she said, adding that they had to sign a bunch of contracts so they couldn’t say anything.

“But also because my big thing was that I wanted to come back and play my own game. I got distracted last time, I fell in the dick sand, this time I’m wiser and don’t want that dead weight holding me back. I’m playing my own game.”

She added that she “had to play with bozo again” and fucken ouchhhhh.

While Tully’s return to the house was initially awkward, especially after being informed that Drew’s new boo was also there, she  later revealed she is seeing someone and is a “taken lady” so it’s all g.

She also confirmed herself that she and Drew are just good mates.

However, Drew’s  current girlfriend Sam wasn’t too pleased about the whole thing as she later made her feelings known in the diary room.

“I’ve had such an amazing day with Drew and then his ex-girlfriend arrives in the house,” Sam said.

“I think it’s a great thing that Tully is head of house, because we have some time to get to know her and work out what kind of game she’s playing.”

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