STALE TAKE: I’m Still Not Over Tully & Drew From ‘Big Brother’ Breaking Up 5 Years Ago

Reality TV relationships are just better than real life relationships to me, and that is because I’m a nosy bitch who loves drama. I want to see every minutiae of you getting together with your significant other, from the moment you don’t even KNOW YOU HAVE FEELINGS to the bit where you are happily ensconced in the bubble of love. Big Brother really gave that to us in the 00s, and no Aussie BB couple is quite as iconic as Tully & Drew.

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I’ve written about Tully Smyth & Anthony Drew’s relationship before – in this article about all the Big Brother. But because this is a Stale Take and in light of the news Big Brother’s being rebooted for 2020 (yes, omg yes for real), it’s time for a trip down memory lane in the hopes that both Tully and Drew see this and re-fall in love. Please for fucking fuck’s sake, I need to believe in love right now ok?

1. The Controversy

I think 50% of the reason we all fell for Tully and Drew was because there was so much controversy around their love. Even though Tully was openly bisexual, back in 2013 we simply weren’t as ~woke~ as we are now, and everyone lost their collective shit when Tully – who was in a relationship with a woman before she went into the BB house – was like, “unlesbianing” herself by being into Drew, a man. It was fucking weird and more than a little problematic now that I think about it but hey, that’s how it was in the media. Forget the fact that bisexual literally means attracted to both sexes, to the media it was like Tully had turned back to men or some shit.

Then of course there’s the fact that Tully was fighting her feelings very obviously in the house, because she was in a relationship. The sexual tension was sky-high – in fact, I’d say I’ve never seen such tension, not even from other controversial BB couple Cat & Lawson.

2. THAT Kiss

So Tully and Drew from my memory did kiss secretly before she was booted – I just remember this clandestine kiss they had when they thought the cameras weren’t paying attention (they were).

But the hands down BEST producer-led moment in Australian reality TV history, there I fucking said it, was when they sent Tully back IN to the house during the freeze game and she walked up to Drew, whispered “I’m single” in his ear, then pashed the shit out of him while he COULDN’T MOVE. Fuck me upppppp you guys. That was some MA 15+ TV in a PG timeslot, I swear to God.

3. The Reunion

THENNNN when Drew was finally booted out of the Big Brother house, it was time for the Tully & Drew reunion, which did NOT disappoint.

From memory, Drew did some boring blah blah how was your time in the house shit, and then BAM! Tully is wheeled out from side of stage, and they’re kissing and it’s maybe 65% awkward to watch but also 45% adorable.

4. And They Kept Going

I think we all knew Tully & Drew were going to keep that relationship going for a while after the show – as much as Big Brother is absolutely a weird bubble outside of reality, they clearly had chemistry and some form of connection on a deeper level.

But as someone who is far older than I was when watching the series, it’s also now clearly obvious things were probably going to end – those weird outside-of-reality bubbles tend to make feelings magnified and issues minimised in a world where you just get to spend 24/7 hanging out with no real external factors interfering. Look at the Love Island couples, for example! A sea of break-ups several months after the show’s end.

As far as I can tell from archaic media write-ups, Tully & Drew called it quits after around a year. And look, jest aside – they both seem to be pretty happy now, years later, so my fantasy where they rekindle their romance and reunite probably has slim chances.

Still, the nostalgia is real and a girl can dream.