‘BB’ Champ Tim Dormer Reveals Relationship W/ Best Mate & It’s Bloody Beaut

Tim Dormer, winner of Big Brother Australia’s mammoth tenth edition, has come back into the headlines for what could be the cutest darn reason possible: ol’ mate is in love, and it just so happens to be with his bff Ash Toweel.
Dormer was famous for his fluid, flirty behaviour on BB, and his charm has gotten him pretty far in life – he was also the runner-up on Celebrity Apprentice last year, and came super close to making the grand final of Big Brother Canada, where he cryptically alluded to being in love “back home” to his housemates.

While that was in May, it’s only now that Dormer has revealed his squeeze is the Sydney-based bar manager.
“I’ve always been about finding the right person,” Dormer told Who Magazine about Toweel, whom he met in 2014. “I’ve dated girls, but have always been open to dating guys.” 
He also said that it was his time shooting BB Canada that made him realise how much he loved Toweel, doubling down on how ~srs~ it all is by saying “this is very meaningful and I want to protect it.”

Dormer took to Instagram to elaborate even further on how darn happy he is, and we’re crying:

I’ve loved sharing my life on social media, but there’s one special part of my life I haven’t shared with you all until now…this last year I fell in LOVE with the most beautiful person. His name is Ash, he’s my best friend and he truly gets me and has made me very happy! I’ve always considered my sexuality to be fluid and I’ve never been interested in labels which categorise and divide. I’m only interested in celebrating what we all have in common, the freedom to share the most precious beautiful gift that holds this magnificent universe together…LOVE. I’m proud to now share our story in the hope that other misfits like myself who don’t quite know where they fit in life won’t give up. LOVE yourself, and I hope one day LOVE finds us all! And for those who don’t understand us…I hope you get there one day. Check out this weeks @whomagazine where Ash and I shared our full story freely for you to read. ????

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ACTUALLY TOO CUTE. They now live together in a shoebox apartment in Bondi, and we imagine they’re living a dream life with Dormer’s dream locks. 
Source: Who
Photo: Instagram / Tim Dormer.